Do this for Ronny, do this for the fans: Celtic v Aberdeen

The end of the season draws nearer. Soon after, Ronny Deila will depart Celtic Football Club.

He’ll have done so with two league titles and one league cup in his two seasons as Celtic Head Coach. On paper, that’s a decent return but there’s more to it than that.

On the day Deila leaves, I will applaud the Norwegian for his efforts. A likeable man who I would have loved to taken Celtic further.

I thought this was a bold move for Celtic and even dreamed we’d unearthed a modern coach who could take us forward. Whether he was pushed or whether he decided to jump, this relationship was not meant to be.

So what will Celtic be looking to do to take the club forward now? Will they be willing to pull out the stops to bring in the ‘right’ man?

The candidate search probably began long before the announcement. How nearer they are to getting someone is anyone’s guess.

A large portion of fans were already hoping to see the back of Ronny before now. I’m glad he was given to the end of the season though.

Some may argue that change should have occurred around Christmas time but he was still on a treble at that stage. What kind of message are you sending out if you sack a head coach who was on a treble?

It’s easy to say “I told you so” now that we are just left with another league title (hard times indeed). You never know what the future holds and I’d still say the club did the right thing by keeping him on board until the end of the season.

Once the title is delivered, we can celebrate the end of this short era and look forward to a new one. To make that new era a successful one, Celtic will need to reduce risk by investing well.

Plenty of names have been banded about but very few get my vote if I’m being honest. When Celtic announce their man, you’ll know their intentions purely by the stature of the candidate.

Some folk may think Celtic need someone to appease their fans but they don’t. They need someone with experience at a decent level in the game.

Ronny was a risk and one that Celtic could afford given that there was no major threat to their title ambitions. Next season, regardless of a tribute act, The Rangers will be out to prove they can cut it at the top of a Scottish Premiership.

I’m not saying they will, but that’s how they’ll see it as well as they’re media friends. What I’m more interested in is that Hearts and Aberdeen will be challenging next season and with the possibility of Hibs being back in the top flight the league audience should be stronger and more watchable.

However, it is Europe where Celtic must rebuild their credibility once more. We haven’t played in the Champions League group stage since Neil Lennon’s final season in charge.

That wasn’t our best innings either. It was our worst showing in the group phase of the prestigious tournament.

To get back into it is hard enough. To progress is even harder.

So the man charged with taking us there will need to know how to get the best out of our current squad. Be a motivator, tactically astute and able to deal with the demands of a big club.

Today, the Dons visit Celtic Park hoping to put a dampener on proceedings. Celtic need to be ruthless and finish off their challengers.

Do this one for Ronny. Do this for the fans.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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