Get behind him

Rumours play a huge part of what we read in the sports news. Sometimes it is pure speculation or a fabrication of the facts, thrown together to produce a ‘story’.

Occasionally something sticks. Most of the time it’s self-serving though and purely to do a bit of headline grabbing, but there’s no real journalism in there.

That’s the media for you but I have to say that these very recent stories circulating about Ronny Deila’s replacement are nothing short of appalling. I can blame the media for writing the stories, but our own fan base have contributed to this trash as well.

At a time where trophies remain up for grabs there should be universal backing for the Celtic manager. I don’t expect it from the media, just from our own fans.

I’m not going to start rhyming off the names that are getting banded about. You can read that wherever you look right now.

What I find disrespectful is that Ronny Deila, who is still fighting for two trophies, is being ejected from Celtic Park already. Yes, it hasn’t been the smoothest of tenures but this season isn’t over and there hasn’t been any mention of him leaving the club.

If there was nothing to compete for this season and he’d blown it then yes, I would get the speculation. Now in his second season at the club he could potentially grab another double.

And yet he’s already got the media and the fans lining up potential successors without a hint of a departure from him or the club. What chance do you stand of winning when you’re already being shown the door by your ‘supporters’ and a preying media?

If Ronny chalks up another double he can quite proudly present the double-fingered salute to everyone. Quite frankly, I look forward to seeing that.

There are shades of him being unwanted that bear a similarity to Gordon Strachan. The current Scottish national coach left after his 4th season in charge to the applause of many.

What followed was hailed as fantastic but turned out to be drastic. It’s worth valuing what you have before moving on and I don’t think many valued the success Strachan achieved until he left.

Whilst Ronny has yet to make inroads in Europe its worth remembering that it’s only his second season. In the long-term we may well get that, but patience doesn’t appear to exist among our more fickle supporters.

I’m keen to see out this season and hopefully a league and cup double. If Ronny can achieve that, I think he deserves another crack at the Champions League.

Then and only then will I be satisfied that we have exhausted that avenue. Right now there is still a lot to play for so for the good of the club, back the guy, not the media.

Tomorrow it’s onto Kilmarnock. Your support is greatly needed.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

2 thoughts on “Get behind him

  1. People are entitled to their opinions , my own opinion of him was formed as soon as he talked down the previous regime. The fact is he hasn’t cut it in Europe, signings haven’t been upto scratch and we are too close to Aberdeen for comfort at a time when our rivals aren’t even in the league. This app feels like it is produced by Ronnie constantly running down fans because they have an opinion on how their club is run. I wonder if these same views will still b aired if we go out of the cup ? All in all not very impressed with either Celtics current management or this app both could and should be alot better.


  2. Couldn’t agree more. I have been ashamed of the Celtic support this season. They bought right into the Daily Record agenda. Yes the manager deserves criticism, however supporter are supposed to support, at least some of the time. Booing from the start at some games, booing substitutes onto the pitch. When did this become what Celtic supporters are. The pathetic Tory board, the refusal to back the team and the return of the cheats and a rigged game (and our support of their return!) means this is my last season. And I am sure i am not the only one who will not return. Regardless of what you think of Ronny Deila, to even mention Malky Mackay, Alan Stubbs and a barely interested Davie Moyes (God NO) for the Celtic job is nothing short of pathetic.


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