Everything out in the open

At a time in the season when trophies are the paramount of importance, another discussion is in circulation on planet Celtic. Discontent is high on the agenda right now and the future of this Celtic team, their coaching staff and those who wear the suits, surrounds everything.

If you consider Celtic to be the best team in Scotland, which they still are at the moment, an outsider might say “well what’s the problem then?” The simple answer would be “for how much longer?”

That of course is based partly on the current sequence of events which is largely seeing Celtic struggle to secure a fifth successive league title. It doesn’t end there though because the situation is bigger than that.

What’s bigger than the league? The Champions League of course.

One does not exist without the other though. To get to the latter you must first win the former.

Having missed out last season, but having a relatively decent innings in the Europa League, we all expected more in the current campaign. What happened turned out to be worse though.

It’s hard to ignore the regression of this season. Celtic’s faltering attempt to remain a European force has taken us down a peg or two.

Nobody likes it and it has hit the supporters hard. In truth we threw away a superb opportunity to make it this season and ultimately failed the European test.

By comparison we failed even more in this season’s Europa League campaign than the last. Statistically, there isn’t much between this season and the last in the Scottish Premiership and at the same stage.

Yet this time last year this squad were finding their feet. They were looking sharper than what we had seen earlier in the campaign and there was a sign that things were coming together.

Where did it all go wrong then? Was it Champions League failure that crucified our season or was it something else?

Are Ronny Deila’s efforts exhausted or is something amiss? It’s hard to define exactly what the problem is when you have players coming out to back the manager and taking the blame themselves.

Then Ronny calls it as he sees fit. The “players didn’t do well enough” or “we’re improving all the time”.

At times I feel he is just telling the media whatever he needs to protect himself and his players. You can’t ignore a really dire performance but he has done so on occasion.

Ronny is a highly intelligent and likeable man. I get the distinct feeling we don’t see the real Ronny enough.

As for the current set of problems, I don’t know where the issue lies precisely. The only thing I can say is that we’re not seeing a good product on the park for this club or its fans.

Is it the coaches or is it the players? Are the players not receiving the right motivation and tactics or are the players simply not good enough or influential enough to lead this club?

On their game, I would say all of the current Celtic squad are capable of remaining Celtic players with one or two exceptions. So why aren’t they performing individually or as a team?

What do the men upstairs think about all of this? Are they already looking at alternatives or are they sticking by ‘their’ man?

I’m not sure that the addition of more players is the answer either. It’s about how we are playing on the day.

I’d happily take a couple more players to ensure that next season we have the correct quantity and quality for each position. That would also mean moving some deadwood out, but I think there is more at play here.

I think there are some players in this team that really want to play for this coaching team and some that don’t. This is where I think the problem might be and if I am being honest something or someone will have to give.

If I am right about this then there is a stalemate within the club. Even if you have most players playing for the head coach, there will be an atmosphere which upsets the harmony.

You know what though, I could be completely wrong but I think there is something in that. And perhaps this is where these “clear the air” talks have stemmed from.

This time last year we were on the up and now we’re not. If it is simply that Ronny Deila is out of his depth then we’ll soon know.

If there is more to it and Celtic have been trying to contain the matter then I’m sure it’ll all come out in the wash eventually. The club do not appear to be pushing Ronny out the door and whilst that may suggest they are not taking action, perhaps we as supporters don’t have all of the facts.

Only the players and coaching staff know what the problem is. It’s up to them to sort it out if they are to win this double.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac



9 thoughts on “Everything out in the open

  1. Ronnie/Collins et al should have been sacked last year. What happened this year was always going to happen. Nice guy but rabbit caught in the headlights. Pin the tail on a donkey approach to transfers and now having ‘clear the air’ talks. Nice guy or not, he and his staff are not up to managing Celtic. With the noise deafening from the boardroom while Lawell campaigning about no change to Champions League- has everyone at the club taken a stupid pill? Empty seats says it all.


  2. I don’t know about everyone else but I am worried about tomorrow, Morton have good away record and we are shite, this could be a defining game in Ronnys tenure,. Play the players that want to play for him, win convincingly and who knows. Play the same old guard who obviously don’t want him anymore then a disaster could loom and he could be back on the plane to Norway on Monday.


      • I think that Brown’s performances since his return from injury (or from the start of the season) tells it’s own story.

        Common’s outburst in Malmo, should have been dealt with more severely, look what happened to Stokes for sending a Tweet. Common’s gets 10 minutes off the bench. For a guy that was a mainstay in Lennon’s sides, well, being punted on the dung heap won’t go down well.

        Senior players can hold some sway over a club if the manager isn’t strong enough to deal with it.

        Burley springs to mind.

        Ronnie is too weak, as for…….Collins……..wel, he’s got his hair to worry about and that tan.

        Common’s should have been punted after the Malmo fiasco. Whether he was right or not. Lennon would have knocked seven bells out of anyone who’d tried that shtick with him.

        Mulgrew, Brown, Common’s, Izzy, McGregor, Ambrose, Lustig, Cole, Cifci, Scepovich, Stokes will not be at Celtic on this date next year.


      • Interesting viewpoint, particularly since Brown has been one of Deila’s few backers. Then again, he is captain. Commons I have doubt is on the opposing side. The Stokes scenario is of his own makin though. Whilst talented, his off field issues have put him elsewhere or at least I’m sure that is the excuse being used. Whichever way you look at it, there are some fundamental issues at the club right now.


      • I’ll tell you this, if they don’t put three or four past Morton tomorrow or worse get beaten, the whole shithouse will go up in flames!

        It’ll be like the mid-nineties all over again. And believe me, nobody wants to re-live that nightmare. Once is enough!


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