Time to support Deila, not sack him.

Ronny Deila’s presence at Celtic Football Club continues to divide the Celtic fan base. Meantime in the dressing room, he has received vocal support once more from club captain Scott Brown and not for the first time.

He has also had backing from Leigh Griffiths and Charlie Mulgrew in his time at the club. How united that backing is throughout the dressing room is a topic of its own.

Elsewhere, the media and pundits continue to have their say on TV and in the newspapers. The comments which gained a reaction from Scott Brown recently came from the one and only Andy Walker.

Now 99% of the time you’ll find that 99% of the Celtic support don’t agree with what Walker says or thinks. In fact that goes for pretty much any pundit, particularly when they are ex-Celts bashing Celtic.

On this occasion Walker called for Deila to get the sack following two bad results against Ross County and Aberdeen. This is despite the fact Celtic still sit top of the league with a game at hand and also compete in the Scottish Cup today against East Kilbride.

It’s true that Ronny Deila has not taken Celtic to glorious heights in Europe. In fact it has been his least successful area since arriving at Celtic and progress has not been made over two seasons.

I say “least successful” but that still includes qualifying for two group phases of the Europa League. One which he qualified from and one which was completely underwhelming.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once more. He isn’t the first Celtic manager to falter in Europe.

Deila himself has mentioned this on a couple of occasions himself. This still appears to fly in the face of what supporters expect – instant success.

Martin O’Neill, Celtic’s first modern-day manager to make inroads on the European scene, didn’t get past Bordeaux or Christmas in his first season. He had a formidable team as well with the UEFA Cup Final in 2003 the pinnacle of his era but he too experienced disappointment such as that season which ended trophyless.

For Gordon Strachan it was reaching the last 16 of the Champions League twice and trouncing the league by winning it in record time in 2006. Like O’Neill, he experienced disappointment though unlike his predecessor he was NOT the messiah to the supporters and found himself departing to the applause of many.

Tony Mowbray, a poor appointment from the beginning was widely supported by the fans, myself being one of the exceptions. If anyone dragged Celtic down it was him and he was shown the door for achieving nothing.

Then came Neil Lennon, a rookie, but also the only real option at the time, who did a fantastic job and probably should have stuck around beyond 2014 in my opinion. With one great Champions League campaign to his credit, a win over Barcelona being the standout, this was not achieved without experiencing two difficult first seasons and personal death threats.

His departure was a surprise but he’d endured a lot in his time. He had also lost some of his best players and bought some donkeys at the same time.

In step Ronny Deila, wins a double in his first season and reaches the last 32 of the Europa League. Not a bad start but two failed attempts at the Champions League in his 20 months in charge are at the forefront of most Celtic supporter’s thoughts.

Along with that, two treble opportunities gone, but with a second domestic double still very much on the cards. Is that enough for Celtic fans though?

Many don’t appear to think so and yet, Celtic are still the best team in Scotland. And that’s in a league which is more closely competed these days than in the recent past.

Isn’t that what we wanted? A competitive league that wasn’t a forgone conclusion every season?

Celtic have and always will make mistakes along the way. A flawless season is a rare thing, particularly when your current head coach is trying to execute a long-term plan.

Ronny Deila may never see his vision come to fruition especially if not given that time. I never expected great things immediately because greatness takes time.

I don’t think Ronny Deila is as clueless as people say he is. He’s making mistakes like any other coach does and working toward something we all want.

We didn’t recruit Pep Guardiola and land £50M to spend on players courtesy of the Kaiser. We plucked a young relatively unknown manager from Norway with a vision that suited Celtic’s situation.

Overnight success is not a realistic target, particularly in Europe. At Celtic, European success is a tall order even for the best manager available to us but it is still how we measure progress and success at the club.

What is being attempted under Deila is a different path but one that fits the club’s financial situation. I back the left field approach and how bold it has been but it remains to be seen if Ronny will be given another shot at Europe like Neil Lennon was.

Winning the league is essential and that remains within our grasp. So too does a domestic double.

Surely that is worth backing until we are in jeopardy of losing it? This is not the time for change, this is a time to stick by ans support Ronny Deila.

In my view we should not be hitting the panic button. You have to see it through the tough times, you don’t just throw in the towel.

I’m going to stick my neck out and continue back Ronny even if I am a minority. If he throws away the league this season or fails badly in Europe next season then we are looking at re-assessing the situation but only then.

I’m not 100% happy with the way things are, how some players are performing and have my own questions but I’m not calling time just yet. There is room and time for things to take shape.

Right now I think too many are being too fickle. Time to tough it out folks, because our support is required.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

13 thoughts on “Time to support Deila, not sack him.

  1. Spot on mate, couldn’t agree more, imagine winning back to back doubles and still being sacked, its a disgrace how some fans are now, spoiled Celtic fans really

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  2. There is no long term plan and the sooner people take that on board, the sooner you’ll stop being led up the garden path.


    • the problem is the defence, after loosing a quality defensive partnership 2 years ago we’ve struggled to get the partnership right but I think that Simunovic and Sviatchenko could be the answer if they get time to play together. so be patient and allways look on the bright side off life.

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  3. I also agree that we should support Ronny and not get carried away with the SMSM and their agenda to disrupt Celtic in any way they can. Certain things have annoyed me this season with the way Celtic have approached things especially playing an underperforming Johansen and not pulling him in games when he was out of sorts but I believe Ronny is trying to do the right things for the right reasons and we should get fully behind him.

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  4. Good post, but i fear Ronny doesnt have the overall control needed to be the best he can be. Hes also not syrong enough to stand up for himself with pl and the board. He seems to lack a leadership edge unlike mon, wee gs and lennon. Good coach, but not a manager to inspire his players and getting them to punch above their weight. We need a leader of men, not someone who is told what to do. I think if we win the league this year and there is not dramatic progress in all areas then hes out, if we go npw to the end of the season unbeaten and show some fight then he gets another chance.


    • Good post Stevie Mac and I tend to agree with you Pablomc. Remember when Ronny came in and wanted to bring in his own back room team. Peter Lawwell gave him Collins instead and the inexperienced Kennedy. Perhaps this is not the right post for Kennedy and he should be with the youngsters. This is THE PROBLEM and it is Peter’s making. Collins should never have been anywhere near the club.


  5. Ronny won’t take us any further.
    He has continually failed against teams in Europe with a fraction of our budget.
    The longer he stays, it gives a new manager less time to prepare for next season.
    He has to go.


  6. Sorry, another pile of shite in support of a ‘coach’ out his depth. Ronny, just like Lennon was a cheap option to hoodwink the support and take advantage of the fact we no longer had to spend cash as our ‘great’ rivals had folded. I have no interest in the politics at the club, my rage and general pissed off feelings are directed at a manager who continues to play a system with players out of position and is also clueless when then chips are down. Again we witness a manager so out his depth that we are unable to field a team capable of putting in a performance in the two must win games to keep the slim hopes of a treble going. Sorry, but your t’s oot Ronny, back to Norway you should go….


  7. The most gutless Celtic team I have ever watched. A team lacking in motivation. Ronny is in way over his head. Getting beaten I can accept. Performances against Malmo, Molde, Ross County and Aberdeen to name a few, I definitely can’t accept. How far are we gonna let this guy take our team backwards before he rightly gets sacked?


  8. I agree we should all stick behind deila there is a couple of things he has done that I don’t agree with but I don’t blame him 100% for what is happening to Celtic the players have to take the blame aswell so get off deilas back and support the team and management we are Celtic


  9. Changed my view after watching that dross. We need something to get the team and support galvanised. His name is not ronny the roar deila.


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