Scottish Football’s Cancer

Scottish football, it’s relationship with the media and more importantly the existence of Sevco, has culminated in another new low. Scottish football as a whole is always a topic of debate but the recent apology to Sevco by the Herald (on behalf of a Graham Speirs column) has left a bad taste in the mouth.

On the one hand, bravo to Graham Spiers for giving his own take on the matter. It was over and above the Herlad apology and as well as putting the truth out there, discredits the ‘official’ statement by the Glasgow broadsheet.

Let’s look at this scenario with some perspective:

A director of a football club claims a song, regularly sung by the club’s fans (and the club whose ashes they arose from), is a “great song”. That song, as it turns out, is by far one of the most sectarian chants heard in Scotland if not the worst.

To admit such a thing to someone in the media, particularly a person in such a position, must either feel completely comfortable with that scenario or are totally stupid. The fact that Spiers prints this is where the fun begins.

Now you have the club getting involved with the paper. A resolution is sought to maintain relations, subsequently dismissing the article and it’s writer.

I get the public relations thing with the media and clubs. Aren’t we avoiding the real subject here which is a bigoted football club director?

Just so we’re clear, that wasn’t a question. That was just a reminder of the issue.

It’s not often I believe or read what a sports journalist has to say particularly when it is to do with Scottish football. Every now and again though something credible pops up on the sports pages that is worthy of our attention.

To this day I am utterly astonished at how blind people are when dealing with sectarianism and bigotry. This subject has been mishandled by virtually everyone in authority from police to politicians and of course our very own incompetent football authorities at the SPL/SPFL and SFA.

Fan’s will sing what they sing. There is little a club can do to control that but for the love of god, “up to our knees in fenian blood” is NOT repeat NOT okay on any level.

Fine, calls us a bunch of fannies. That’s funny and that’s banter.

The Billy Boys is not banter, a laugh or taken in good humour. It’s offensive, derogatory, abusive and more importantly direct in the face of a living, breathing community.

I mean some people actually live a life steeped in this shit and see no wrong in what they sing or believe. This is a historic debate but we live in a modern world where we know what is right and what is wrong.

This bile is a stain on our football community in Scotland which thanks to the death of Oldco, has been silenced for almost four years. Now it is rearing its ugly head and as you can see we are back to square one where the media bows to the (new) Ibrox club over a matter which is quite frankly disgusting.

Graham Spiers isn’t the first to be targeted by the Ibrox club. Jim Spence, formerly of the BBC, was the target of abuse not so long ago which eventually ended with him leaving the BBC.

The BBC didn’t back him as they should have. The cowardice (or is that collaboration?) shown by the Scottish media when dealing with Oldco/Newco is close to Jimmy Saville standards.

It appears you cannot question, criticise or investigate matters over at Ibrox for fear of death threats to you or your family. Is this really being tolerated in modern soceity?

I say this quite openly, but what harbours at Ibrox, not just now but in the past, is a cancer. Despite having fiddled the HMRC whilst trying to get one over Celtic, they have failed to learn their lesson on any front.

As a business they went caput and couldn’t even muster a singular mindset to use the opporuntity to rebuild a club, such as Hearts did. Instead they avoided all responsibility to their debt and now dare to function as the same club.

The only item high on the agenda at Ibrox appears to be the same sectarian shite that they are well known for and has not been missed since they died in 2012. That is the only thing I can credit them for getting right with Newco.

You are and always will be Scotland’s shame.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

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