See it out.

The other day I wrote that Celtic were at a crossroads. Despite any faults we may have with our head coach, the last thing he deserved was a petition to sack him.

Whoever started that should be ashamed of themselves. As should those who signed it.

I’m not against petitions. In fact I signed one relating to our very own Lord Of Parkhead and his political conflict with our club values.

Petitions rarely have the desired effect but we start them based upon strong feelings. Personally I think this one to sack Ronny Delia is an embarrassment and food for the Scottish media.

I opened up a debate of sorts in my last blog. A debate about where things have gone wrong and how we might resolve them.

Europe has been our main on the field slump. Domestically we’re still the best club in the country.

I played devil’s advocate around the issue of on the field performance. Was it the coaching, the players or even the board to blame?

I was also acutely aware that the knives were out once more following this latest of setbacks at Celtic. So perhaps it wasn’t all that surprising to see an online petition given how fickle our fans can be.

Was this really necessary though? Between that ridiculous motion and the rumour that Ronny was going to be sacked on Monday left me feeling a little uneasy.

We know Europe has been a shambles but for crying out loud the guy is sitting with the possibility of a domestic treble. Are we really in a position to be putting that trophy haul in jeopardy by calling for his head?

If you think that by removing Deila and replacing him now improves our treble chances you are mistaken. That is a mistake on many levels.

There is a desperate need for this team to up their game and stay the course. Ousting Deila mid-season is not the answer though.

If you remove Europe from the debate Celtic aren’t exactly in dire straits are they? We’re seeing a competitive league where every team suffers a loss of form.

Aberdeen and Hearts have both slipped up at some stage this season. Celtic started slowly but they are still top right now.

I think we need to be realistic here and stick by the team and coach right now. Celtic are not in a position to go out and enlist Guus Hiddink.

We’ve gone down an experimental path with Ronny which was bold and brave. I’m as frustrated as the next supporter about Europe, poor tactics, poor performances and any other factor you wish to throw into the mix.

Right now though we need to see this season through with Ronny Deila. We’ll still drop points between now and May as will our nearest competitors.

Tell me a Celtic manager who hasn’t? That’s football, even when you’re Celtic.

As a fellow blogger wrote on Hail Hail Media, there is nothing to suggest things won’t change in the coming weeks. Personally I agree with that and I’d like to see how that plays out.

I’m not ignoring the bigger picture here. That Celtic have gone backward in Europe.

That area of discussion is for the end of the season though. Right now we should focus on what we do have a chance with.

That’s the Scottish Premiership, the League Cup and the Scottish Cup. They’re still on the table and Ronny has the task of being only the third Celtic coach to make that possible.

Is it possible? Absolutely but only with our support.

Through the good and the bad times. We’ve stuck with the managers through worse even when trophies weren’t on the table for us.

The team need our support more than ever. Particularly at Celtic Park where for me, we’ve lacked conviction as the home side.

We’ve worked harder and played better on the road. Is there a story in that?

Are we nervous playing to our own fans? If so it needs to be addressed.

We need to get back on the horse. The only change I want to see right now is some desire from our players to win the treble.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

4 thoughts on “See it out.

  1. I think this post sums up where our ambitions have gotten to. It’s a real shame. Before, we would only accept a good run in Europe, or at least a good showing. Now we’re happy to be out of the Europa League with a whimper and describe the Scottish league as competitive. It is that, but we’ve made it that by being so bad, which we’re now happy to accept. I don’t advocate the petition either but supporting our team doesn’t mean we have to blindly support what goes on. Deila and the team simply haven’t been good enough and in my opinion his position should be questioned, the same way anyone would in any other job if they weren’t performing.


    • All true Steve but I think we should see this season out and take it from there. I think most fans are of the same unhappy opinion about where the club are at but I don’t see the point in changing manager now. If the club have an inkling Deila will not be getting a third chance at Europe as Lennon did then they should at least be doing some recruitment work.


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