Yesterday’s home defeat at the hands of Motherwell was a disappointment for all concerned at Celtic. Although the Hoops remain top of the league with a game at hand, this result is another blow for Ronny Deila.

Opinion from the Celtic fans has been varied but the supporter axe has been falling on Ronny long before now. This is by no means a unanimous viewpoint but if fans were to vote today, I think you would find the manager would be out of a job tomorrow.

I have mixed feelings about what is going on at Celtic right now. As a club, we are almost untouchable in Scotland.

That’s down to fan base, marketing, financial structure, business acumen….all of that. However, what the club don’t do is turn the screw and we are not untouchable on the park.

Celtic have downgraded since the Martin O’Neill era. There are many reasons for that, one being that Scottish football is not a lucrative or positive market place.

So the club have cut their cloth accordingly. That means living within your means and just keeping ahead of your rivals.

Without a rival such as Oldco and their unlawful spending, Celtic can compete on a relatively low-budget. This of course has its problems such as being able to compete properly in Europe.

I’m not laying that down as the sole reason though. There are other factors that have ruined our European campaign but that’s another debate.

Tightening your belt is good but do Celtic need to be so frugal or do they need to be more savvy? Poor signings have been seen far too often in recent years and that spells frugal more than savvy.

Yes, you can’t get every player right, but what kind of scouting network do we have now that allows for this? It certainly doesn’t seem to be pulling in the best under Ronny Deila and whilst not always getting it right may be partly true, I don’t think this is the type of excuse Peter Lawwell should be giving at a club AGM.

The problem Celtic have right now is that there is an “x factor” of sorts missing from the team. The big question here is does that come down to the coaching or is it a lack of quality on the park?

As I’ve said before, I think we have the basis of a decent squad though some individuals have been a let down this season. What we seem to lack is a spark in the team that can change games.

Despite the club’s reduced spending, you need a player who can inspire the rest of the team. To get that player, you might need to spend that little extra.

I don’t buy that this sends out a negative message to other team members. Yes it’s a team game but the best players deserve the better money particularly when they can produce something out of nothing and in big games and big opposition.

Let’s put to one side the transfer market one moment though and focus on the coaching. Is there something in that area that hinders us?

First of all, Ronny Deila is a coach. A coach with a philosophy.

He maintains that outlook and continues to do things his way. For the time being he has the support of the board even if support from the fans continues to drop.

The problem is that if your philosophy is not bearing fruit, what else do you have? It is a dangerous game to play if you cannot adapt.

Adaptation is essential in football but I question what else Ronny has in his locker. I’ve not seen much evidence of changing tactics which as I say, is an important part of the game.

Before we’ve even kicked a ball though I do wonder whether half of these players are properly motivated. I’ve talked about the support for Ronny Deila from the players even in the face of defeat.

That kind of back up for the manager deflects blame from him. But is that really the case?

If so then perhaps these players just aren’t capable of carrying out Ronny’s master plan. Do you believe that though?

I often wonder if you installed another manager to motivate the current crop of players, without making any further purchases what sort of reaction you would get in the team? That would depend on who that coach was of course but I do think about what difference we might see – better or worse.

Once more though, I will say that I don’t think Ronny will be gone before the end of the season. If the treble is still on, change would only bring further disruption.

We would have to be on the slide domestically for anything to happen now. On the flip side, the only guarantee that Ronny will be in a job next season is a domestic treble.

It will certainly take that for him to get another crack at Europe. Anything less than that and there will be long discussion to see where the club go from there.

To ensure that discussion is not necessary, some motivation and inspiration will need to be found within this playing squad. I never expected Celtic to go the rest of the season undefeated but losing at home to third from bottom does not inspire supporters… dents your confidence.

Celtic are at a crossroads right now. This team needs an enema badly and to realise that this treble is all we’ve got.

It is in the hands of the coaching staff and the players. They are all responsible and they must do their job.

If they need motivation then listen to the unhappiness of the fans. Have a look at Aberdeen creeping behind them once more.

Every team in Scotland will do their utmost, as they should, to prevent Celtic from winning. If that isn’t enough motivation I don’t know what is.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

6 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. celtic are half way through the season,sitting at the top where we should be,the league is a marathon,celtic in recent years have won the league with 79 points,we currently can reach 102 points with the record being 103 in a season,i am always surprised with the kneejurk reaction when celtic drop points,celtic have never went through a season undefeated,we all feel disappointment when celtic get beat,win lose or draw we are all celtic fans,using a defeat to talk about the managers position is wrong,it’s only a crossroad if you are looking for perfection,football is unpredictable celtic have domestic dominance and building for the future what more do any celtic fan want?

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  2. Time for change.
    We lost to the poorest side in Europe I have seen in Malmo. No excuses we have better players than them were they used in both games no.
    The Europa league losing to Molde and Ajax disgraceful. He couldn’t pick between Ambrose or Blackett to replace a guy who was injured prior to kick off yet still played him Siminovic. Now effe is a bomb scare at times but cmon it should have been the easiest choice ever. He blew it.
    The blame lies with the manager I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt in fact I have defended him in discussions. But the last two home games have got to me. My grandson doesn’t want to go back and he’s only 7. 0-0 against Kilmarnock then defeat by Motherwell 1 point from 6 at home to the bottom of the league. 1 goal scored.
    Can you defend that really?
    Taxi for Ronnie and Collins now before it’s too late.
    Go bring Davie Moyes in to guide us home.
    Hail Hail


  3. Sorry M8 but 1 goal scored and 5 pts dropped at home to the bottom of the league is that good enough for you?
    Getting put out of Europe by Malmo and then subsequent poor performances in the Europa league?
    A manager who chooses to play a player injured and after 5 minutes has to choose between Ambrose or Blackett,but gets that wrong too.
    Ambrose is a bomb scare granted but it was a no brainer.
    Rogic in the same midfield as Bitton milk turns quicker.
    The players are there to beat Malmo Molde Maribor,Motherwell.
    Funny that teams with an M giving us grief. M for Ronnie is Murder.
    Ronnie is killing us slowly,yes defeats happen that’s normal,but this team under Ronnie has no passion,no guile, and no heart.
    The Ronnie roar was a gimmick to hide behind. He has not got it to be Celtic manager.
    Fans are not returning even my 7 year old grandson is saying he doesn’t want to go back.
    Get Davie Moyes to bring us home,and build for next season before it’s too late.
    Hail Hail.


  4. Very good article, I though regardless of the treble want Ronny replaced asap. Lost confidence completely in him. The team is going backwards and aren’t good to watch. The only place in the club where there has been no cut backs is at board level. The fat cats continue to get fatter whilst the rest gets leaner. Barcelona seems like a life time ago now. Can anyone see it being repeated under Ronny?


  5. a have been pondering spending more and not selling our top players would we advance more in euro competitions raking in millions and balancing the books via euro cash latter stages or would we end up a busted flush in debt we rule Scotland thats for sure and teams taken points is crap but is it down to a new level playing field teams are more competitive a hope so that its this as the sfa and oldco nearly killed our game what we need is a good challenge and our challengers doing well in europe the quicker the sevco huns fuck of and die will help to as people will not think of past monies and create new incomes and aspirations and dreams instead of the old status qua so its all good for us and it might take time for Aberdeen and so on to get near a real challenge but either way there is a new beginning going on and am well OK with it after all the cheating its great to have things level again hail hail all Merry Christmas good brothers friends and comrades !


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