What happens in the media when Celtic aren’t playing?

You write a story that one of their best players is leaving. Nothing new really.

Nir Bitton signed a new deal recently. It doesn’t guarantee he’ll stay forever, it just means he has a better deal and he’ll stay a bit longer.

There is nothing to suggest that Celtic would reject good money for him. Similarly, there is nothing to say that he wouldn’t want to move eventually.

The story has caused quite a few Celtic fans to get upset though. For those that have soiled themselves in the process, you have learned nothing.

Do not be baited by our media. Do not buy or read their trash.

Disregard everything you hear from them. You will live a happier life by doing so.

I’m not promoting my own Celtic blog (though I am by writing this). There are far more informative blogs out there though with more accurate and credible content than the Scottish media that you can fill your boots with.

Normally I’d say “is there a big game this week?” Unfortunately the Fenerbahçe game is a dead rubber so I put this down to no Celtic matches from the weekend to dissect for the media’s boredom.

Get back to writing Christmas cards, buying presents and planning the festive period celebrations. I’m sure there’s a better chance of Bitton doing that than planning a move in six months.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

4 thoughts on “What happens in the media when Celtic aren’t playing?

  1. Stevie,
    I learned a long, long time ago never to buy the gutter press and i cancelled my Sky Sports contract,Why should i pay for E.P.L. dross. I canny wait till we get rid of the bigoted B.B.C. Scotland.

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    • Have to agree with you, Mike. Scottish football needs to rise up on its own, set its own agenda and TV deals etc. We are paying premium prices to fund the game in England, not the other way round. As for the press, well they’d soon change their tune if we could break this old boy’s network that controls the game.


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