Strip Their Titles

It was the phrase used back in 2012 when they went down the tubes. Now it is back in use once more as Scottish football fans seek justice following yesterday’s verdict in the Big Tax Case.

Within that judgement, there is a clear indication that demonstrates Oldco had an advantage above all other Scottish clubs. Not a natural ‘above board’ advantage mind, an illegal one.

This isn’t news to us though. We knew this to be the case all along.

In fact we were reading about this and talking about tarnished trophies long before the Scottish media were willing to admit or report Oldco went under. When they did begin to report, they did so in their own way and only after it was undeniable.

To put spin on a story of this nature to protect a club who cheated the HMRC out of millions is appalling journalism. More importantly is that all Scottish football clubs have been cheated in one way or another by Oldco whilst gaining the support of the Scottish football authorities and the media who chose what to write.

This scheme allowed Murray and co to purchase and pay players (and staff) they would have had no hope of procuring without the EBT’s. That unfair sporting advantage took titles and trophies out of the hands of others.

Bring the house down.

For that reason alone, especially with yesterday’s verdict, every trophy won by Oldco during the years of that scheme should be stripped from them. Furthermore the titles and trophies should be awarded to the then runners up.

It’s been claimed that the SPFL and/or SFA do not have a process or directive that would allow them to do this. Well we have news for you, Scottish football fans don’t have a mechanism thatbis willing to accept that.

There is no way Scottish football fans will let this one go based on “the computer says no” theory.

There is more to this than just Oldco though. The SFA and SPFL have questions to answer about their role in seeing Newco into the 3rd Division, fit and proper appointments and even the untenable position of one Campbell Ogilvie.

This isn’t just about Rangers. It’s not even about Celtic v Rangers.

It is about seeking justice and fair play in Scottish football. We demand it.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

7 thoughts on “Strip Their Titles

  1. Agree with your article.

    SPFL will no doubt be sweeping the whole concept of title stripping under the carpet, but I think there should be fan action. I’m not overly fussed about the trophies being redistributed, but for them to be void would be good enough for me.

    However, on that note – Juventus were stripped of two titles after being found to cheat the game with referee help, (which the huns have always had also) and they were redistributed. There was a case in France too.

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  2. Agree! its not about getting one over the now “dead” oldco.its about natural justice when someone cheats and found to be cheating. then there are consequences.of course I and many many Cellic fans would say so.I clearly remember the hurt at losing titles too “them” and that aint gonna go away any time soon……….come on the Bhoys tonight…………..payback time!!!

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  3. Heard a good comment recently…Oldco’s success was like playing “playing football manager with the cheat codes on” and it was.
    Cheats simple as that – stripping titles is the only option. I don’t care about the titles being distributed because that’s not fair on the teams Oldco beat leading up to finals etc.
    Their actions have destroyed careers, dreams and left many in financial ruin.

    Mon the HOOPS HH

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  4. I agree with Sean.
    I don’t want the titles awarded to us either. Quite simply, we never won them and the reasons are irrelevant. But this whole scenario is bigger than the tax fraud and blatant cheating and breaking of the rules. The cheating is what should be punished. The late Jim Farry who was party to cheating Celtic of the signing of Cadette in order to help his club win a title, the blatant bigotry and anti-Celtic application of the rules from the now infamous Hugh Dallas, the deliberate cover-up and lies from Dougie Dougie, the elevation of Campbell Ogilvie to head of the SFA and the clear victimization of Neil Lennon while in Paradise, all because of his religion and affiliation, all show why this stripping of titles will never happen. It is my genuine opinion that Scottish football is a corrupt organization, run by corrupt individuals for the benefit of their establishment affiliate. Sure, this affiliate changed from the now defunct old Rangers to Sevco, the new boys in town. But the backing is clearly there again.
    Sadly, this is never going to change, and you can bet your pension on the punishment being ignored. It simply isn’t going to happen.
    The most amusing things I have read recently are how “appalled” and “disgusted” Stewart Regan, Neil Doncaster etc all are to see how corrupt the FIFA organization is.
    I believe they really shake in their shoes thinking, “will they catch us too?”

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  5. Its High time Scottish Football opened up a ‘Hall of Shame’ within the corridors of Hampden and put on display all of the things that have contributed towards cheating within Scottish football.
    Perched high on display for all the world to see would be the trophies that were stolen from other Scottish clubs by the now dead Rangers F.C in their pursuit of European glory. Other images could include Jim Farry, Hugh Dallas, Dougie Dougie, The Orange Ludge, The Masonic Ludge, Neil Doncaster, Stewart Reagan, Campbell Ogillvie . . .etc, etc, etc. . .
    The list is endless.


  6. Once again Stevie totally agree ,dont want their tainted titles or cups ,null and void would do me.All the other clubs should lend there voices to this.Cmon the hoops the night GIRUT the Mould.

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  7. What about the wee so called ,diddy teams, the cheats beat in the early rounds of cup competitions?. Who knows what could have happened. Fairest way is to void the lot of them. Hh

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