Succeeding in the face of adversity

Isn’t it funny that in the days leading up to a top of the table clash in the Scottish Premiership, the Scottish media focus the pressure on Ronny Deila and not Derek McInnes? Well not really because this is exactly the kind of bollocks we were used to back in the days when we played the dark side of Glasgow.

Since the painful defeat to Molde, Celtic have bounced back with two domestic wins. They’ve endured the Commons meltdown, a training ground incident and a couple of fresh injuries.

That’s a lot to contend with. So credit where it is due particularly when faced with a such adverse conditions.

In the last few days we’ve heard Alex McLeish and Jimmy Calderwood both give their tuppence worth about what Ronny Deila should be doing at Celtic. It’s easy for the media to enlist the belly rumblings of out of work managers these days but these ex-managers should focus on their own career issues and let the young guys get on with it.

Nobody mentioned how Ronny handled the past few weeks and still remains in four competitions. I guess that positive spin doesn’t sell papers though.

Celtic might be under pressure but Celtic are always under pressure. Supporters expect the team to win and perform well.

Europe is the eternal dream so when it doesn’t quite go to plan, we rightly get upset. We’ve seen our players show discontent as well but in opposition to this there have been plenty of players supporting the manager.

Today Celtic go into a home fixture unbeaten in their last seven domestic matches. That kind of consistency has gone without any praise and when you add the European fixtures to that, Celtic have only lost one of their last ten games.

In that same period Aberdeen have won two, lost four and drawn two. That loss in form wasn’t deemed a crisis though.

Instead Aberdeen are happy going into today’s game as ‘underdogs’. That kind of humbling statement might be true but the media, so taken by the early season form of the Don’s, have chose not to put any pressure upon Derek McInnes.

So I’m pleased Ronny Deila has hit out at his detractors. It doesn’t mean he isn’t thick skinned, but it did highlight the imbalance in Scottish journalism once again.

Once more I’ll nail my colours to the mast and maintain my support of Ronny Deila. I won’t hide my criticism or opinion when something is wrong because that was why I started my blog in the first place and no Celtic manager has had unfair criticism from me in my writings.

If I don’t like what I see, I’ll tell you why. Overall I want Deila to succeed and back him to get through another tough period.

Celtic won’t improve unless the players and coaching staff sticking together. They must also be supported by the board and both points appeae to be the case.

When something isn’t working, then it should be tackled. There has been visible evidence that some things aren’t working.

So change it ir bin it. Don’t persist because it obviously isn’t having the desired effect.

Celtic have every right to go out today and beat Aberdeen. McInnes’s players may have had a slump but they remain Deila’s prime threat though.

Sadly I won’t see today’s match live but I’m putting my faith in our form players and predicting a convincing win. Let’s hope I don’t have to eat those words.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac