Random comments of a “Scotsman”

I read Craig Fowler of the Scotsman’s comments today about Celtic signing Nadir Ciftci. I was drawn in by the “Celtic get their way as always” remark.

Do they aye? I’m not sure that is the case.

Why would Ciftci, Armstrong and Mackay-Steven come to Celtic? Because they are the only club in Scotland that is capabale of affording them and offering a step up from their current club, with no disrespect to the work done by Dundee United or their staff.

There is no money in Scottish football. Celtic are the only viable move for the best players within Scotland.

Does that constitute Celtic getting their own way? No, it doesn’t because put simply it is the only way.

Yes, these players could have gone south as many do but how many clubs down south can match Celtic’s stature? A few and mostly because of money but none of which would be willing to buy those players.

That is your answer Craig, but like a poor journalist (if that’s what you are) you have instead used the goading tactic which many in your profession have resorted to. You can argue that Celtic have over-raided Dundee United but all is fair in love and war.

Had Celtic’s old rivals been anything other than the walking dead these days you might be writing (in truth or lie) about a bidding war between the two. Unfortunately for you and your colleagues in the media, you can’t write about that kind of scenario these days because it simply isn’t reality.

Personally, I would take it or leave it regarding the signing of any of the three players. If they left now, they would not be irreplacable however, I am glad that they remain in Scotland because they are good players who have my backing as a Celtic fan.

Is that a bad thing that they came to Celtic? No, but you have made it sound as though Celtic are bad guys for stealing another Scottish club’s players.

The fact is that if it weren’t for Celtic, Scottish football would be wiped off the map. Celtic have put a lot of effort into ensuring their future in the game continues to thrive whilst their old rivals squandered the whole lot and got away with it.

The Scotland team continues to do a good job under Gordon Strachan, the first decent national manager for some time. Most of his squad, if not Celtic players, are generally from the English Premier League or Championship.

So I ask you again are Celtic getting their own way as usual? Celtic do business to the point that they are unlikely to make a move unless they pull it off.

That isn’t getting your own way. That is doing your homework before you commit.

They don’t always get what they want. They just don’t advertise everything they do until it is a done deal.

That is why the Scottish media write rumours about players Celtic are ‘supposedly’ interested in when in fact they don’t have the inside track on the story at all. I’m sure Celtic watch more players than currently play full time in Scotland, but not all are going to be drafted.

To be astute in business does not mean getting your own way as usual. It means laying the ground work first and even then, Celtic won’t always get it their own way.

Ciftci, Armstrong and Mackay-Steven make their own decisions. They chose Celtic so deal with it.

Hail! Hail!

Stevie Mac

8 thoughts on “Random comments of a “Scotsman”

  1. Two comments I’d like to make Stevie.
    First up…
    In the early 60’s the Old Rangers offered Raith Rovers £17,000 for Jim Baxter.
    Raith Rovers said they wanted £30,000. (They were in debt to the Bank at the time..as was normal.)
    Old Rangers went to Raith Rovers’ Bank Manager and told them of their offer.
    Pressure was brought to bear…and Old Rangers got the player at the knock-down price.
    (And what a player he turned out to be.)
    It wasn’t the only time they used this ploy…But was it ever mentioned..? Was it feck.
    So when it comes to us…Get it right up them.
    Second point is…
    Craig,whoever he is, got his wish…You swallowed the bait…and he’ll be happy you’ve written this.
    It “justifies” his crap.
    Personally I don’t give people like him house room.
    But I understand where you feel you need to come from.
    Hail hail


    • Before I wrote this, I considered that by replying I’d be taking the bait so to speak but rather than avoid making the points I wanted to make by not replying I decided to go ahead regardless of what people may think of me. I’m glad I did because I also felt I made some decent points and directed them at the opinion of Craig Fowler.

      I’m not deterred by what people think. I’m don’t write to seek approval, nor do I make any money from it.

      This is an outlet for me and my love of a Celtic. I don’t respond to all those who spout garbage in the Scottish sports media, I don’t have the time.

      Fowler gave me something to write about and that’s what I did. Interestingly enough, I had a split audience.

      I even had the ‘paranoia’ and ‘everyone is out to get us’ jibe. So predictable was this that I had considered writing it into that very blog

      However, that would have spoiled my own personal entertainment. Watching those kind of comments filter in one by one is a conditioned element.

      It’s like hearing “I’m from Brighton”. ” Oh where all the gays are from?”.

      Dong! It never fails.


  2. Mate, I read the article in question. It’s all very tongue in cheek. Think you have taken one section of the article, which is clearly meant to be humour about exactly what you are writing about.

    You have created an argument that isn’t there and had a rant about it.

    Lighten up man, stop being so paranoid. No one is attacking the institution that is Celtic.


  3. I read this article too and tend to agree. It made us appear to be the big bully boy when in fact all we had done was sign three good players which I’m sure was a move they wanted. The same will apply if they turn in great performances for us, an English club will throw crazy money at them and they’ll move on.

    What Scottish clubs need to do is get the best out of these players so we are as competitive as can be on the pitch, and also boost the bank balance when they move on.

    One comment in his article i did agree with:

    “An additional thing we learned this summer is that Pierre van Hooijdonk had much better hair as a player.”

    Sideshow Bob springs to mind 🙂

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  4. Perhaps someone should commend Celtic for keeping the talent within Scottish football and also ensuring 4million is sitting in Dundee Utds bank account. That money will ensure Utds financial stability and also be used to fund their successful youth development……… something I’m sure Utd are actually quite happy about!!


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