Football’s house of cards

The state of Scottish football has been a recurring theme since I started writing six years ago. In the last week we’ve been reminded that beyond the shores of Scotland, corruption is currency in the world game.

The venality plaguing football has been all over the news but this isn’t news to football supporters. In fact, these investigations are long overdue.

With a number of arrests being made, there was a waft of ‘scandal’ in the media. It didn’t halt FIFA continuing with their elections though or Sepp Blatter being voted in for another term.

This guy has been untouchable for years and I’m disgusted with those who have supported his cause. Watching those corporate eejits queue up to shake hands and have their photo taken with him after being elected once more was totally nauseating.

Having seen Blatter step down since then, some sort of message has got through. As far as a shake up in football goes it’s just the beginning, but it remains to be seen how far this will go.

Power should not rest in the hands of one man or for so long. Nor should it be allowed to remain within a network of men without the say of those who support the game.

As Jock Stein once said, “Football is nothing without fans.” If fans aren’t watching in the stadiums or on TV then you’ve lost your audience and your revenue.

Fair enough, there is always sponsorship from a variety of business areas. On the whole they need the fans to direct it at though and if nobody’s watching….well, you’re stuffed.

That has always been the issue. We love football, we’re passionate about it and want it 24/7 so we’re playing into the hands of FIFA et al constantly.

A seat at the table is not likely but some kind of say from the fans has been missing from football its entire existence. If this were to begin locally with our own football associations at least you would know you’re views were being represented in front of FIFA or whichever body is geographically relevant to your region.

Old boys networks like the SFA are feeding are into larger ones like UEFA. In my view, neither represent or govern fairly.

For me this is the perfect time to perform a hard boot. Depending on the extent of these enquiries and the murkiness of the overall findings, this will determine world football’s destination.

It is time to shake up the entire sport. The last thing I want to see is like for like replacements.

Leadership should inspire greater things but all FIFA have done is protect their own and cross too many palms. They are an old regime trying to float new ideas but in order to adapt you must dispense with the old.

There’s just one burning question. Is everyone prepared to topple this house of cards?

Hail! Hail!


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