So big Dave is fit and proper?

Forget for a moment that I despise Rangers, new or old. Also, dismiss that I have zero respect for the Scottish football authorities, whatever they are called these days or whoever is in charge.

Then consider the desire we the fans have to see Scottish football reclaim some respect in world or even just European football. Did we achieve any of that in the last week?

No, not a chance. In fact we have taken one step forward and two steps back.

The Scottish Premiership, despite just being the newest name for the Scottish top flight these days, had its first real title challenge since the demise of Celtic’s old rivals, in the form of Aberdeen. Regardless of how much we all agree on how great a challenge they provided to Celitic, it was still valid up until a few games ago.

Just as we dust off that glimmer of hope in Scottish football, someone goes and has a massive dump all over it. Two dumps in fact.

Recently Neil Doncaster announced that a sponsorship deal had been struck with Ladbrokes. Deals are generally good things but this comes after two years without any main sponsor at all.

To exist in football without this kind of funding is a failure in your ability to perform. In Scottish football, that appears to be acceptable.

This titchy deal has got Doncaster all excited. I’m sure he’ll feel he’s pulled off a cracker of a deal but he’s the only one.

For to have a two year gap in primary sponsorship, he should have had something better to show for it. Scottish football fans were certainly looking for more.

I wonder, did he use Rangers as a bargaining chip to broker that deal? “Yes, they’ll definitely be in the Premiership next season, we’ll make sure of it.”

And so to Rangers and their royal seal of approval. Dave King, South African fraudster and heir to the throne.

Having allowed David Murray to walk off into the sunset unchallenged, waived through a conveyer belt of ‘suitors’ in the years that have followed, the Scottish football authorities grant their latest fit and proper man to the ‘Rangers’ establisment. It is yet another chapter in this embarrassing tail of how not to run a football club.

The worst thing about it is that the Scottish football authorities have done everything in their power (and beyond) to get The Rangers of the present day into the top flight as soon as possible. How many clubs would they have done that for?

Despite Dave King being as crooked as a 90 year olds toenails, his approval to become a board member has been welcomed by many I’m sure. Over at Ibrox, the saga continues but it is time that will tell just how positive a step this will be for the club that resides there.

King may have the best interests at heart for this club but not one person has gone through those doors and demonstrated with conviction a decent plan of revival. To date things at Ibrox have resembled more of a team of cannibals feasting on a festering carcass.

It has been anything but a pretty picture. Even as an outsider, I’ve had to turn a blind eye to this circus because of its farcical state.

To be honest, I’d like to see an end to it all. It has been a distraction for too long and for some the whole matter has become an obsession.

The gift that kept on giving ended a long time ago. These days it is more of a national embarrassment.

For the sake of Scottish football I hope to see an end to all of this so that we can focus on football once more. Whether Rangers make it up to the Premiership next season or the one that follows does not concern me.

All I want is Scottish football to rise once more. Its just a shame that neither Rangers or the Scottish football authorities have taken the opportunity to do that with any decency.

Hail! Hail!


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