Scottish Media Churn

Press speculation around the future of certain Celtic players is never far from the back pages of Scottish newspapers and their online equivalent. Rarely are these ramblings ever on the money though.

Yet, there is a sufficient amount of readership to buy into this garbage. If you throw enough shit, eventually some will stick and some people are helping to fund it.

I’ve often been critical of the press in England when assessing their own international football team. They aren’t as damning with their club football, but then again these aren’t purely English funded or staffed teams.

In Scotland it appears to be the opposite. The Scotland national side have generally got the backing of the media north of the border, even in defeat, but when it comes to club football the knives are well and truly out.

From a Celtic supporters perspective, we’re well aware of the negative stories levelled at our club on a regular basis. We know only too well how much Minty Moonbeams had the media wrapped under his reign across the city as well.

So I still find it hard to fathom the stance taken by our old rival fans, that Celtic are the club to have the press wrapped around their finger. I don’t think that’s ever been the case and we have the historical facts to back it up.

Meantime back at Celtic Park, Virgil van Dijk is the hot topic. Not satisfied with linking him with every club south of the border, now it’s all about how he’s too good for Scottish football, is strolling through matches and is not developing in our crappy game.

Releasing stories which state the obvious offer no reasonable debate. None of these factors are ground breaking or news worthy – Scottish football has been off the boil for as long as I’ve been alive.

Still, these stories always comes across as a parting shot by the media. If half of these papers could write as well as some of my fellow bloggers could, I’d probably buy their publications.

As it is, I don’t and haven’t done for many years because they are about as out of date as the SFA. One by one they have all stuck the knife into Celtic over the years and do nothing to support the club sport.

Disappointly there are still some muppets out there that buy the a Daily Record, Sunday Mail etc. Well done to you, you serve your masters well.

Virgil might be a Premier League player next season, he might not. If he’s going to go its because he’s earned it over the last two years so let the guy go in peace.

Hail! Hail!


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