Time for change

Before a ball was kicked on Sunday afternoon at Hampden, I felt it was going to be a challenging tie for Celtic. What I didn’t bargain for was the abysmal performance demonstrated by the match officials.

Without further ado though, I’d like to give credit to Inverness Caledonian Thistle and their manager, John Hughes. They’ve turned in a fine season under his stewardship and have always been a competitive team for Celtic.

So any attempt made by Celtic or their fans to question the refereeing of Sunday’s Scottish Cup Final is in no way a move to discredit their opponents or even make excuses for the defeat. As many fellow Celtic bloggers like Paul Brennan and James Forrest have already written in the last couple of days, the standard of refereeing in this match is a major concern.

Celtic already have made their position known and are seeking clarity on this disastrous piece of officiating from the SFA. There is no denying that one decision has been a costly one for Celtic Football Club.

Anyone who accepts this an honest mistake, given that two officials had a crystal clear view of the incident, are seriously deluded. There is no paranoia here, but it does make you wonder about what motivates some of Scotland’s officials.

I’m pleased that Celtic have taken action, even though it has already made them vastly unpopular. If Celtic don’t challenge the establishment then who will?

The Scottish game has yet to benefit from any kind of advancement in standards despite umpteen opportunities to do so. Since the last episode when Scottish football was analysed, nothing has changed.

Unfortunately, this is a recurring theme in the game north of the border. So is it any wonder our game is so dire?

A bit of rebranding here and a bit of rebranding there is the best the SFA can ever come up with. They cannot see beyond their own free lunches because they are happy with how things are.

What Scottish football needs is a revolution. Its been crying out for one for decades now.

Since the 70’s and 80’s football has progressed across the globe whilst Scotland has limped on. Why are standards so poor in Scottish football?

Because they have been allowed to sink that low.

Where do we go from here and what have we learned? Only that the SFA and league bodies cannot think outside of the box.

I hope Celtic take this all the way, I really do. Fairness and transparency is important for the future of the game and not just for the club I support.

Mistakes may happen, but this is an act of sheer negligence. If heads don’t roll then the SFA will have a shit storm to deal with and not just from Celtic.

My personal opinion regarding the SFA’s placing a charge against Josh Meekings retrospectively is too little too late. If he does indeed miss the final it does not answer the question as to why such a clear handball was missed by at least two officials.

All the SFA are doing here is deflecting the incompetence of their own officials. Inverness are said to be challenging the charge against Meekings and I don’t blame them.

Perhaps coming at the SFA from both sides is the only way Scottish clubs might get some answers from their governing body. We’ve endured their old boys network for too long.

Time for change.

Hail! Hail!


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