Sky Sports Boos

It seems Andy Walker is upping the stakes in the “ex-player hatred for Celtic” game. Chris Sutton has been leading recent attacks but its his striking predecessor who is making a bid to be the most hated ex-Celt now.

Despite dominating Kilmarnock for the entire match and winning 0-2 at Rugby Park, Celtic came in for a panel of negativity from Sky Sports. Presenter David Tanner announced that Andy Walker wasn’t a fan of Ronny Deila’s post match celebrations.

As far as presenting goes its pretty unprofessional of Tanner to stir things. But perhaps he was trying to raise the profile of Sky Sports pundit Andy Walker in direct opposition to BT Sport’s Chris Sutton.

I’m all for airing opinions and god knows we all have our own. Are Ronny Deila’s celebrations with fans worth moaning about though?

Deila has lacked media support and when results have been crucial, such as tonights, he’s shared his jubilation with the travelling support. If Walker isn’t a fan of this then it just goes to show how out of touch he really is with Celtic.

He is part of an ongoing line of turncoat tims. I don’t expect ex-players to lie about Celtic’s progress but I’m not sure the negativity had been totally warranted.

When you consider the many shades of excrement hitting the proverbial, across the city of Glasgow, the commentary on that matter has been mild. Here you have a phoenix club imploding in broad daylight, but you rarely here a peep of negativity from the sports media in Scotland about it.

I have more time for Ronny Deila than any of these bitter Ex-Celtic players. I only listen to them because they perch upon the very channels I use to watch the Hoops.

Well done to Ronny and the Bhoys for getting back on track.

Hail! Hail!


9 thoughts on “Sky Sports Boos

  1. I think we all get over excited about what ex-players “think” it’s obvious they now have new paymasters who expect them to be controversial and hit the headlines regularly. It pays the bills as they say and keeps the new boss happy. Nothing there so lets move along..!


  2. Burley, McGarvie, Walker, Nicholas, Sutton, BBJ who was a bit of a let down.

    The simple fact is if you want to write pro-Celtic articles, or even try and be half way truthful about what’s happening at the hunnery, don’t expect any ‘newspaper’ to print it.
    Though if you’re willing to stick the knife into the back of the club and support you shout about loving so dearly and earned a very healthy living off the backs of the working man who paid for the lifestyle you enjoyed while kissing the clubs badge all the way to the bank, it seems there’s a queue.


  3. I personally agree with Andy Walker, I think the celebrations were over the top, we were playing Kilmarnock, not blooming Real Madrid. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of excitement, but it has to b the right occasion.


    • Sean, We the Celtic Supporters want to see the manager show his celebrations in any win weather its Kilmarnock or Real Madrid. We had a manager who just stood with his arms folded and lost his job after loosing to St Mirren. I for one i am happy that Ronny is Celebrating a Celtic Win. Hail Hail.


  4. Didn’t hear Sutty having much to say about his pal Lennies many howlers or the quality of his achievements at CP considering they were hunless, which in suttys eyes apperently now makes them worthless!

    Backstabing hypocritical judas


  5. What happened to freedom of speech? Vilified if they dare say a bad word about our beloved Celtic. Personally I believe Sutton’s comments to be very constructive considering some abject performances in Europe which he has covered.
    Can the author explain why constructive criticism or airing their opinion should be construed as ex-player hatred?
    Also, can you give a reason or benefit any of these players would have in behaving in the way you say they are?

    Time to take off the tinted spectacles and respect other people’s view


    • Also, just spotted a similar article written on this website…..for the record Tom Boyd is employed by Celtic Football Club.


  6. The fact is, when Suttons pal Neil Lennon was managing Celtic as the first manager in the history of the club to play in a league without rangers fc, Sutton had nothing but praise for his old mucker and was over joyed at his 2012/13 double, yet now we have a man stepping up to the plate, after Neil has walked, and is being told by this, all of a sudden, pundit, that if he wins the treble It’s practically worthless.

    Now Lenny walked, personally I love the guy, but for whatever reason, he walked, and anyone who says that Ronnys leagues or cups (hopefully) are somehow worth less than Lennys, are quite frankly talking out their arse, and what makes it worse in this instance is that he knows he is, and is being paid to do so.

    Any way since the fat funster’s now mowing the lawn to keep himself out of trifle…sorry, trouble, I would think any Ronny double would be considerably harder earned.



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