The problem with ex-Celts

When the chips are down at the club you love, you can always rely on an extensive list of ex-players to provide support. Well, not at Celtic you can’t.

You see as much as we love our ex-players, some tend to put the boot in once they have departed Celtic Park. Be it an act of desperation to raise their own profile or just a good old chip on the shoulder about their time with the club, they come along one after one.

For years we’ve been treated to the grammatically incorrect delights of Charlie Nicholas and his ramblings with Jim White on Sky. I was a huge fan of Charlie Nicholas fan when he played for the club but his continual bashing of the club live on TV confined him to the Celtic sin bin a long time ago.

Nicholas did have an issue with the club but he took it too far but Celtic had an issue with him first because he should never have left for Arsenal. It’s bad enough that he chooses to slate Celtic time after time on Sky, but he can’t even do it coherently.

Then there is Craig Burley, another ex-Celtic player who I had much admiration for. His goals from midfield and partnership with Paul Lambert are memorable but once a paid up member of the media, he got stuck in.

Add to that Andy Walker, not one of my favourites, but certainly one player who scored vital goals at Celtic. I actually find him more nauseating than Nicholas and he’s getting more air time than I can handle.

The biggest surprise in recent times is of course Celtic legends John Hartson and Chris Sutton. In modern times, only Henrik Larsson can top them in terms of popularity but they were superb players in their own way.

When Hartson became ill, he received the huge support from the Celtic community. This isn’t unusual in the Celtic family but his illness sparked many a campaign in his honour.

Chris Sutton, a key player in the Martin O’Neill era, was the perfect partner for Larsson in attack. They complimented each other but Sutton won the hearts of every Celtic fan even if he didn’t really have a song of his own (that I can recall).

So why on earth have two of Celtic’s biggest heroes of the modern day decided to slate the club that served them so well? I’m all for honest opinions, but public bashing is something I expect from the media.

Across the city, we’ve observed years of obedience by ex-players and the media when our old rivals were the topic of debate. Only in their eventual downfall did we witness any dissension and even that needed some pressure.

If guys like Nicholas, Walker, Burley, Hartson, Sutton and now Frank McAvennie have an historic issue with the club, they should talk or write about that. I don’t expect ex-Celts to cover up real matters or protect Celtic unnecessarily, but sometimes it just appears that these guys are opening their mouths and letting their bellies rumble, to quote my old school teacher.

In whole or as part, our fans will always challenge the club and their practices, especially when it contravenes what we are supposed to stand for. To our ex-Celt’s hell bent on slamming the club, wind your necks in and take a leaf out of Tom Boyd’s book.

Hail! Hail!


9 thoughts on “The problem with ex-Celts

  1. This needed to be said, I was a massive fan of Chris Sutton, all he seems to do now is stick the boot in to raise his media profile. He has went way over the top in recent months and I will never feel the same way about him again. Opinions are fine and I would not like somebody like Deek Johnstone filling his nappy every time he talks about Sevco, but we made these guys what they are today and they should not forget it. Just look to Davie Hay a man who was treated terribly when sacked as manager, never has a bad word to say about the club. That is a true legend.


    • I hear what yous are saying , but Nicholas, Walker,Burly, Hartson and Sutton to name a few are pundits doing a job. Fear is a lie, there only is the truth and the truth is there is no Santa Clause although we believed the lie for some time as children. I don’t know maybe that’s what we expect and when people speak the truth we don’t like it or want to hear it. You can never hide from the truth and guess what it hurts.


    • I don’t agree with your comments as by and large I believe the most of what they said needed saying particularly by Chris Sutton and John Hartson
      I speak as a Celtic supporter of some 60 years.


      • I am a Celtic supporter of over 60 years myself and agree 100% with the writer.Sutton has lost any respect I ever had for him.Yes the truth hurts when it is the truth .Deila has started his tenure at Celtic every bit as well as Lennon or Strachan and time will tell what the truth is.In the meantime all these ex players who dump on Celtic are just ex players taking advantage of the Club for money.


  2. Good post, got to agree the way ex Celtic continuously bad mouth the club, the worst in my mind is Andy Walker.I have no time for his rambling drivel


  3. I think that there are two factors in play here.
    First, we must acknowledge that some of our exes simply do not like us and perhaps never did. I think that Mr. Burley falls into that camp. In some cases and perhaps most cases, it would seem that ex players are either told that their lucrative little jobs depend on them mean mouthing Celtic or come to that conclusion themselves.
    After all, there is little to be gained by putting the boot into Sevco, they are too good at doing that to themselves.


  4. These guys probably know more about the day to day running of our beloved club and me for one will listen to what they have to say.
    If the author of this Blog is happy about the present state we are in then I fear the worst.
    We as a club are going backwards and if anyone out there can give me a different angle on this then I would dearly love to here your thoughts.


  5. I think that a lot of our ex players that now work in the media often try too hard not to appear biased. They’ve seen those of a blue nosed persuasion swearing that black is white, up is down, rangers aren’t dead etc and in an effort to seem bigger than just one club they go too far the other way. Some may have a hidden agenda but with others I really believe that this is the crux of the issue.


  6. Maybe the ex players are making c omments that upset you because that’s what they actually think…just sayin. Charlie Nicholas, Chris Sutton etc are not relentlessly negative about the club and the ex players are mostly saying what the fans on forums are posting. I for one don’t want to have cheerleaders like Derek Johnstone etc in the media for my club. To say they are making negative comments to keep their jobs is in my opnion complete conspiracy theory nonsense. The TV companies need ex Celts to cover the games does anybody really honestly think that massive companies like SKY and BT Sport really want former players to be negative about the club?
    The same principle applies when current players talk about playing THEM again; they all want to be playing them, they’re professionals and any professional would rather play Sevco than Ross County. People on forums have a go at the players for playing the media’s game; what nonsense again they say they want to play Sevco because they want to play Sevco; no agenda or following some party line. Does anyone really think, Lawell would not have jumped at the chance of keeping them in the SPL if it had been possible


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