Left field is the way forward

After identifying a list of candidate’s Celtic have finally appointed their new manager. The choice came from left field and is a reminder to everyone out there that the media (and the bookies for that matter) know nothing.

Some sports journalists will tell you that Ronny Deila has left Celtic fans underwhelmed. This phrase has been populating virtually every column I’ve read in the mainstream media these past 24hrs.

There had also been the ‘breaking news’ that Celtic can no longer attract top of the line managers. That they must sell their best players to the highest bidder.

Well Scottish football’s decline is not news I’m afraid. Nor are the confines in which Celtic must operate.

Ronny Deila may not have come from the English Premier League or even the Championship. He has earned this job though by demonstrating his attributes and delivering success for Strømsgodset.

I would argue with the opinions of the bitterest of media clowns like Roddy Forsyth and Andy Walker. They simply cannot help themselves by belittling the appointment of someone their vast sporting knowledge failed to identify.

The fact that the new manager has proven himself as a coach and manager for six years appears to be lost on them. Deila’s philosophy on the game of football also being irrelevant in their writings.

Scotland should be rolling out the red carpet for international workers. Especially in an country that wants to be independent.

I’m embarassed that the Scottish media cannot at the very least, hide their bitterness for a wee while. The guy has just arrived and already he’s a poor choice.

Show me a better manager in Scotland right now – no? Then I’ll continue.

It seems more important to the media who Celtic didn’t install as manager than who they did. When they do provide some ‘insight’ on Deila, its to run down his chances.

And lets not leave out the fact that there is no Rangers to play against eh lad’s? Play another record FFS.

The fact that Ronny Deila has a good track record in Norway doesn’t seem to stand for anything. Not being ‘known’ is the only item on the media’s agenda and are willing to include in their articles.

The list of candidates mooted I would argue were not confirmed by Celtic. The only one Peter Lawwell confirmed was in fact Roy Keane.

He may have pulled of the running but he was not offered the job as some like to think. It should also be noted that the grand majority of Celtic fans were not in favour of him as Neil Lennon’s successor, myself included.

From the list of other possible candidates I would say that none have shown themselves to be more successful than Deila even if I would have approved. In fact I would say that other than being ex-Celtic players or having managed in England they are at the on a par with the Norwegian.

To tell you the truth I was pleasantly surprised that the Celtic board were so bold. As I mentioned in my last blog, I wondered if Celtic would go left field and they did.

This guy may be unknown to Scottish media but not to Celtic. The only underwhelming feature of Celtic appointing Ronny Deila is the mainstream media who write about it.

If I were disappointed with this guy, I’d be talking about it right now but I’m not. Cast your mind back five years on MonTheHoops and you’ll read me write about a poor appointment.

I didnt hide my distaste at Tony Mowbray’s appointment. Celtic thought they’d done the right thing, but I didn’t and guess what it turned out to be a catastrophe.

By the time it was too late to recover, Celtic sacked Mowbray and installed Lennon. A rookie, but certainly the only man for the job at that time.

It turned out well and the club are in a position of strength even if Scottish football is not. Now, it is up to Ronny Deila to take the team forward and utilise his managerial skills that got him noticed by the cub in the first place.

I’m genuinely excited about his outlook for the team, particularly the youths who need to know there is a chance for them. In football nothing is certain but this is a story I look forward to seeing unfold.

Welcome Ronny.

Hail! Hail!


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