Nurturing talent

Now that the English ego’s are out of the World Cup picture, we can recline and enjoy the rest of the tournament. Okay, there’ll still be the odd reference to whatever excuse they’re using for exiting early, but at least we won’t have to check in on how squad preparations are going for their next disappointment or 1966 for that matter.

In Scotland we know how unbearably poor we are and when there might be something worth making a noise about. What we don’t require is to travel half way across the world to debate it over and over in a studio with a team of pundits who can’t even agree on the reasons.

On that subject, I would I just like to congratulate Andros Townsend on a fantastic World Cup performance. Easily one of the best pundits during this tournament.

Its not all doom and gloom though. England are in really company down at the departure lounge along with Spain, Italy etc.

I’m excited for the knockout phase and seeing some tastier matches. This is when you find out which teams wear women’s underwear.

What excites me even more though is getting back to all things Celtic. Sure, the World Cup is great and there’s plenty left to go, but with the Champions League draw on Monday past, I’m already champing at the bit.

I’m keen to see what Ronny and Johnny can bring to this group of players. The nurturing of young talent is something I have longed to see for years and I think its about time Celtic showed they are serious about this.

Fine, if then talent isn’t good enough, then fair enough. Much of the time though I feel the club have just moved youth players on to collect a small fee without giving them a real chance.

We like to rave about some guys before we’ve ever actually seen them. Where are they all know?

The transfer market isn’t a good place for Celtic unless they are able to unearth a gem. Your scouting will get you so far but you have to be dedicated and trusting of your youth as well.

If you don’t bring them through and give them a chance then what is the incentive? This does not set a positive example for young talent.

Not many make the grade at Celtic but how much of it is down to the player and how much the club? Other Scottish clubs fair better when producing talent not because they get the better talent, but because they give them a chance.

If the national side want to benefit as well then it has to begin at club level. Scottish football needs an enema!

Buying players is not going to get any easier for Celtic. Not in the economy the club is playing in.

If Ronny is here to take the necessary steps then I look forward to some long awaited changes. And let’s face it, if all else fails John Collins can just take his shirt off in the changing room and shown them what to aim for!

Hail! Hail!