All good things…

I didn’t see last nights match. I was stuck in work until around the final whistle.

The text commentary from friends was all I needed. It didn’t tell the full story of course, but I knew I was in the right place.

The second half of the season is difficult for Celtic right now. Not just this season, but last season as well.

With no serious domestic challenge to dent Neil Lennon’s title chances, the league is almost certainly in the hands of Celtic before Christmas. This isn’t a good thing for Scottish football, its a bad thing and deprives fans as well as players of any motivation.

Now we all know that the game in Scotland has been dominated by Celtic and their former rivals for decades. The only thing that has changed recently is that Celtic are doing it on their own now.

What I had hoped to see in these last two seasons was a couple of teams putting in a serious challenge against Celtic. Given that there is only one club to break so to speak, I felt there was an opportunity to pressure Scotland’s top club.

That hasn’t happened and whilst the league is never decided until it is mathematically impossible, Celtic will be champions once again. Celtic haven’t even been that great this season and yet they achieved some decent landmarks.

I’m not taking away anything from Aberdeen beating Celtic last night. They may have only had ten men to beat but I’ve seen many a team struggle with a one man advantage.

If clubs such as Aberdeen would show more consistency against the rest of the league then there might just be something  worth shouting about. I sense every time a Scottish club gets a Celtic scalp its like throwing stones at the leg of a giant.

A victory, yes, but a small one at that and it makes little difference. Let’s see more of a challenge next season because this league is in dire straights.

SPFL might be the new branding but its the same old garbage. The only thing that keeps me going every season is the Champions League.

For many Celtic fans I’m pretty sure it is the same. Yes, you still have to win your league to be assured of a chance of qualifying but without Europe there is no challenge for Celtic.

The only challenge was of course our old rivals. If their Phoenix club every manage to mount a similar challenge, it is a long way off.

That’s not to say that I would be happy to see it go back to a two horse race. I’d prefer to see a more rounded challenge.

With all the issues that have gone on in Scottish football in the last few years I felt this was a good opportunity for real reform. That hasn’t happened and thoughts of Henry McLeish’s involvement, the referee saga, Lennon’s death threats and oldco going down are all but a distant memory.

Hail! Hail!