Can it be done?

Last years Champions League campaign was successful for Celtic. The opposition faced had the odds set against Celtic.

When you take on Europe’s top clubs you find out exactly how the football community rates you. As a manager and a group of players, it’s up to you to prove those people right or wrong.

Celtic defied those odds last season. In fact they took it a wee bit further.

Only seven out if nine points were taken from Celtic’s home matches. However, three were taken on the road – a first for Celtic in the Champions League.

Now if that isn’t progress then I don’t know what is. Though there was more than just that.

As well as the away win in Moscow there was that home win over Barcelona. And what a night that was.

Having been narrowly beaten 2-1 by the Catalans at Camp Nou it was always going to be a edge of the seat affair. Secretly, you always expect Celtic to do something special at Celtic Park on those European nights.

That was one of those occasions. The question is will tonight be amongst those memorable nights?

Lennon and his players had to come through pre-season qualifiers to get to this stage. After six matches, they started off the group stage against AC Milan.

That was two weeks ago but despite a brilliant performance, a cruel deflection handed Milan a very lucky win. That goal was followed by another, by which time Celtic had the wind taken out of their sails, with both goals coming in the closing stages of the match.

Before the kick off I would have bitten your hand of for a point. Having looked at the evidence, it should have been three points for Celtic.

Now that’s not bad considering the company Celtic are in. So when approaching tonight’s game its worth remembering what can be achieved by this team, despite seeing two of last years key contributors leave the club.

Celtic have already been judged by the media. They are without a hope.

I like Celtic being the underdog. It gives the team a platform to prove others wrong and the fans more too shout about

Celtic Park isn’t an easy place to come to. That can continue tonight.

There’s no Tony Watt to score that winner. So which Celtic player is it going to be then?

Hail! Hail!


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