Below Par BBC

Wednesday nights UK coverage of Cliftonville v Celtic was disappointing. Broadcast availability and quality was a disappointing experience.

In an age where technology is so advanced you would think it was easy to catch a UK football match anywhere in the UK. I mean lets be honest here, there are no shortage of options for the BBC but is the BBC Sport website the best you can do nationwide?

I don’t have an issue (or an option) in paying my license fee. When the service the BBC provide is substandard, I do.

This is a regional network of course and has been for years. Getting hold of those regional broadcasts seems to be a big ask at times.

With iPlayer and BBC red button at our disposal you would think decent coverage and quality was at your fingertips? Well, nae luck.

BBC2 Scotland/Northern Ireland had the match live and as far as I know only Sky has the regional BBC2 channels. If you live in a UK region other than these two and don’t have Sky, you couldn’t tune in.

I have always been of the opinion that all television ‘national’ coverage is based upon London’s view of the entire UK. What I mean by this is that there is always a slant toward the south east mindset.

English politicians are always so keen to point out that we are “one nation”. Well, not if you live elsewhere in the UK.

When BBC and ITV are broadcasting England matches and those of their clubs, its a different story. I don’t ever recall having any problem tuning into these games when I lived in the homeland.

“Move back” I hear you say! Well, considering this was essentially a ‘Battle of Britain’ tie on the European scene, a little more respect could have been shown to make this available across the network.

Scotland and Northern Ireland may not have the same money to float a league such as the English ones. But lets not forget that the UK has Scots, Irish and Welsh living all over these isles.

Is it too much to ask for a match such as this to be on BBC2 nationwide? I’m sure it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but neither is an England v San Marino friendly shown in the Orkney.

The BBC website is an awful platform to be subjected to at home. It may be good on the move but watching some stuttering and pixelated coverage online at home is abysmal.

There’s a better chance of Alex Salmond saying something sensible than the BBC listening to viewers. What is the point of all these channels on digital if you cannot stump up one match for a few hours so we can all see it?

During the Olympic coverage in 2012, which I must say was fantastic, BBC had a full range of events being covered daily via the red button. One match for one evening should not be a huge ask.

I will, as always, continue to pay my license fee but I’d like to see the BBC do something with it that people want. Or perhaps I should blame Jimmy Saville for this and move on.

As ever….Hail! Hail!


5 thoughts on “Below Par BBC

  1. no coverage on 5live either. shocking that 2 “british” teams involved were ignored for an open golf PREVIEW…


  2. if you check the meaning of ” british” on you will see north of ireland is not part of britian its only part of the uk so it make it 1 british team and not a battle of britian


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