Still feeling gloomy?

Last nights victory over Cliftonville was exactly what Celtic needed. Nothing fancy, nothing cocky – just a simple win to take back to Paradise.

It was great to hear the fans having a ball as well. They were in good voice and had good weather to furnish the occasion with.

Of course, this will not deter the doom mongerers You know they’ll still be waiting to criticise any lack of signings, too many friendlies blah, blah, blah.

You would expect there to be some rustiness in the team but I thought on the whole Celtic were pretty comfortable. I don’t take anything away from Cliftonville though and they desrve some credit for their efforts.

With a home tie next and three goals to the good, Lennon will be thinking ahead. Hooper’s departure, any further exits or loans and possible replacents on his list.

Like previous campaigns, it is likely that business dealings will be on a progress by progress scenario. We cannot spend for competitions we may not make it to.

If Hooper does go we may have a “player in the making”, much like he like he is/was himself, on our shortlist. Should we make the Champions League, we may even see another Miku type deal.

Saviola’s name has been banded around (again). Whether we require a player of this sort is a debating point.

A balanced team with flexible players i.e. players that fill other positions in the team at short notice, can serve you just as well if not better. Fringe players such as Miku probably only had one good match but is that worth it?

Its up to Lennon how he shapes his team. We can only observe and make our own judgements.

For now, I’m looking forward to next weeks match. Being at home, it would be good to stroll through that game and add some more goals.

Lennon won’t want to work the players too hard at this stage. As the weeks role by, we’ll get some of the squad back from injury, fitness throughout will improve and we might see some new personnel.

I say to those supporters spouting negative vibes: open those curtains and let some light into your world. It’s a new season don’t you know?

Hail! Hail!


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