Transfer Tic Talk

Gary Hooper and Victor Wanyama are two of Celtic’s players currently making transfer headlines. The disappointing aspect about these stories are the teams linked to obtaining their services.

We Celtic supporters are used to headlines linking our players to the Premier League in England and beyond. To be honest there are more players linked to moves than those who actually go.

In the case of Hooper and Wanyama it is almost certain that both players will move. Talk of Hooper has cooled a little but Wanyama is the top of the list.

Scotland always gets heavy criticism, normally by English pundits and supporters, about the quality of the league. But is obtaining a player from a “poor league” and moving to a duff team like Hull or Southampton a smart move?

If you’re looking for a payrise sure you’ll do alright but for what? A bottom-half-of-the league club where they will win zero trophies?

There is too much money going on in England. It’s fair to say that clubs in Scotland will profit from sales to England but its only really Celtic who make decent profit these days.

Celtic won’t let players go beyond below there own valuation. Though when you look at Wanyama’s situation he and his agents are holding these clubs to ransom which is his negotiating right.

I knew that Victor would never see beyond next season but I didn’t expect him to move this summer. Hooper I fully expected to go, but his future is uncertain right now.

I’d be happy to see Hooper stay for a bit longer, but if he did go firmly believe there is another striker on Celtic’s hit list. For Wanyama you are looking at a harder find for a direct replacement but Celtic’s scouting and transfer exploits produce the goods.

As long as we hold that part of the club together we’ll maintain a steady flow of incoming talent and at good prices. We’ve had a good innings from Gary and Victor so I look forward to a new wave of talent.

Hail! Hail!


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