It’s a dodgy network we are relying upon. A football community of clubs and organisations.

The clubs play football and the organisations govern the game. Quite simple really.

So after months of “investigating” the suspect financials of the now defunct Oldco, you would expect the truth punished justifiably. No, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The spine of the controversial story regarding the now dead SPL club was known long before the media “broke it” to us. The media have merely filled in the blanks of what we already knew, though they have added weight to the guilt.

What is amazing is that despite all the evidence presented, the guilty party have escaped. Not only is this a shocking result, but it is yet another major controversary in the history of Scottish football.

Forget about paranoia, bigotry, sectarianism and all those other “Old Firm” clichés. This verdict is a blatant miscarriage of justice and we must look on from the galleries as others punch the air in victory.

A club has fallen simply because they were mismanaged financially. Their collapse has allowed for further evasion of sanctions.

Sevco are of course a new company (who want everything that Oldco had going). All that existed of Oldco will now remain in tact.

For many, there will be a long term, perhaps eternal resentment toward this episode in Scottish football. It is a worrying time.

Every now and again there is a reminder of how little faith I have in the SFA. Scottish Football is at a new low and I am haunted to core every time Scottish football is blighted by the incompetent and questionable actions of its governing bodies.

I’m sure any country would go to the ends of the earth to protect their national sport. But would you corrupt the game (further) with bare lies?

This isn’t Italy. It is a network of shame.

Celtic have their wrangles in Europe to contend with as it is. As far as domestic football in Scotland is concerned, the game is screwed.

As a Celtic fan I have never wished to see preferential treatment for my club or any other for that matter. However, there may be times when clubs to get decisions over others.

At one time or another clubs will have benefited from the system. There is one club however that stands apart from the rest of Scotland.

That club is dead and it would seem that their crimes and misdemeanours will die with them. This is an own goal for football and a home win for those who profited over the years at Ibrox.

If you are fan of this dead club or a supporter of Sevco, you are no doubt feeling chirpy. Perhaps down at your respected locals you are enjoying a pint and nudging each other with glee.

I know if Celtic went under I would be distraught. That isn’t an understatement from me, I mean that.

To know that something I have believed in, supported and gone through the emotional wringer for was suddenly gone would be deflating. Sure, I could reboot and come back fresh but it wouldn’t be the same.

History may say that Oldco did this and that but in the mind of many, justice has not prevailed on this occasion. Similarly, the SFA and SPL walk away like a law unto themselves.

There is no hope for Scottish football and there has been anything but advancement since the late seventies. The game in Scotland is in a downward spiral and the opportunity for change has passed.

The shake-up that was promised a few years ago, when the game was being scrutinised, has now vanished without hope. Whatever brain fart is conceived in the future by the morons that govern the game will only go to serve as a reminder that we have learned nothing, gained nothing and done nothing.

Now the rest of Scottish football must look on in horror as the dead rise. We may even tear ourselves apart.

The final nail in the coffin has been struck. Its echo will reverberate into the future.

When Sevco eventually emerge from Division 3, there will be celebration amongst those who cling to their cause. It will signal what you can do with the right clout and influence.

Forget justice and sporting integrity. There is only corruption.

Hail! Hail!

Writing from purgatory, Stevie.

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