Anything is possible…

In football, the game is governed by rules. The result is determined by the teams of individuals.

Sometimes those rules can go for you and sometimes against. When it comes to the players, there are good days and bad.

Tomorrow night is deemed to be the end of Celtic’s European run for this season. It’s worth while remembering though that in football the unexpected can happen.

Juventus put a real dampener on the first leg at Celtic Park. Aided of course, by a visually impaired referee and some vintage Italian cheating.

Celtic created their own problems that evening as well. Errors at the back and clinically lacking in attack were also components for defeat.

Going into Wednesday’s match in Turin, Celtic should be afraid of nothing. There is no expectation of overturning the 0-3 deficit either.

For that reason, Lennon’s players should walk out there with their chests puffed out. They can look their opponent in the eye..

Celtic have done well in Europe this season and it is not inconceivable that an upset could be caused. It’s unlikely, but I’m watching a manager and his players do more and more every time.

I expect further progress from this regime. Juventus may bring down the curtain with a victory or Celtic may just put the wind up them but there is no pressure.

Gung-ho is not the approach in this game. You have to let the Italians play a little.

At Celtic Park we didn’t and they picked us off with conviction. Celtic have already showed that they can defend against the best there is.

They can also get more of the ball against Juventus. The trouble is that that plays straight into their hands.

A different approach is required here. The balance between defence and attack is vital to gaining a reaction from Juventus.

It seemed to be over in Glasgow. In football though, anything is possible.

Hail! Hail!