Get me through the day!

For Celtic supporters it has been a long wait. The Champions League is back at Celtic Park, easily one of the best atmospheres in the competition.

If you’ve been there for a Champions League match, you know what I’m talking about. Europe’s top club competition hasn’t featured at Paradise though since the 2008-2009 season when Celtic finished fourth in the Group stage.

Neil Lennon knows the competition and the atmosphere that goes with it. The expectancy we do not even have to talk about.

Celtic have faired well at home in this competition and this is where Lennon will expect the players to do the job. There have been blips, yes, but tonight is the real deal.

The motivation for a fixture like this is natural and has everyone’s juices flowing, as well as the beer. To say I’ll be partaking in a few beverages is an understatement, but purely for my nerves.

I just need to get through a day at work and I can throw myself head first into tonight’s long awaited match. We’re all familiar with Benfica in this competition but this is a renewed challenge.

Celtic have had their fair share of injuries this season already and it isn’t even October. I am confident though that Neil Lennon has had his eye on this match for some time now.

With that in mind you can imagine that much of the training and resting of players has been aimed at this match. I look forward to the players taking to the grass of Paradise.

“The Champions…”

Hail! Hail!


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