Glamour Charity Match or An Injury-Laden Fixture Too Far?

Celtic paid the price last night for their trip to Philadelphia. The fixture had good intentions of course with charity and the heart of the ‘glamour’ friendly, but Dylan McGeough’s broken jaw  may say otherwise.

Every other summer, Celtic have made long haul journey’s to market their good name. I think Peter Lawwell has often referred to it as ‘global brand’.

I can see the point of these matches for the sake of selling jerseys, populating our name and reaching out to ex-pats. It has been said before though, these trips have often taken their toll on the team, especially when the season has or is about to begin.

This wasn’t a great game, it was pretty lightweight but it was a friendly I suppose. I’m not disappointed that we lost 2-0 to Real Madrid, just that when we go to the USA we generally lose.

The irony of that is: do people want to buy shirts and tickets for a team who keep losing before their very eyes? Perhaps I am just a bit too cynical for the marketing world.

If these far away fixtures do indeed reap the rewards then I cannot complain. I just hate the accumulating issues that tend to happen such is McGeough’s broken jaw and the injuries to Daryl Murphy and Anthony Stokes.

I am all too aware that footballers will encounter injuries on the field (or before they even get on!), as Lennon stated last night. When it happens in a friendly though, there is a mild anger that builds from within.

For now I just want the Bhoy’s to get home and take it easy before we taken on the mighty……..Ross County. I can only hope that the benefits for charity and Celtic’s global brand were worth the jet lag.

Hail! Hail!


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