The day has come…

It has been a long time coming. Not just for Celtic fans, but the whole of Scottish football.

Sevco, the consortium that holds the reigns of the club formerly known as Rangers, were finally rejected entry into the SPL. The insanity of such an application was dealt with by the SPL vote that has circled Scottish football for too long.

The time taken to reach this conclusion was completely absurd. The length of time that has elapsed to get here reflects badly on Scottish football or more accurately, the organisations that claim to rule our game.

It should be noted though that the result that has been achieved is the doing of the SPL clubs. The SFA, SPL and perhaps to an extent the SFL have fumbled over this farce.

Their actions, or in-actions, have severely compromised their usefulness to Scottish sport. This outdated, overstaffed group of imbeciles are as pointless as the media.

They make their claims and they are proven wrong. They turn up for football matches and talk nonsense to the public.

Every attempt to save the non-existent club ‘Rangers’ was done by the higher powers of Scottish football. With the same hand, Sevco have also been supported by these eejits at Hampden.

Football is about the fans, not these ‘bigwigs’ wearing suits and telling us how it is going to be. These guys in suits can’t even write a rule book and stick with it.

The ‘big two,’ or as we are now known ‘the only club in Glasgow’, have been utilised for financial benefit. Now though I welcome change and balance.

There is no doubting how big our club is. We have a huge fan base world wide and have turned around our prospects on a business level.

If there ever was a time to change the game in Scotland then that time is now. Wherever Newco end up, who knows?

One thing I do know is that these organisations that claim to ‘run’ our game must disappear. Control by the clubs is the only way forward.

The model of our game must change to within our means. This isn’t because an ‘income’ has been removed from the top flight, it is because change should have happened decades ago.

Scottish football has been limping in the shadows of decent leagues whilst the nipple of Glasgow has been sucked dry. I suggested some time ago a collapse of the game before it got better, well, one out of two scenarios isn’t bad.

I look forward to the new season and the challenges that lie ahead for Celtic and the rest of Scottish football.

Let us dispense with the regime that has protected the guilty and created something new. It starts next season and I look forward to this with eyes open wide.

Lets hear it for fan power and justice in football.

Hail! Hail!


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