Andy Goram broke my heart

Those once sombre words of the late great Tommy Burns. They became synonymous with his reign as Celtic manager during the mid-nineties.

Now, as the saga over at Ibrox moves further into doom, Tommy’s quote, whilst relevant to Goram’s performances, take on a new meaning. There was more to Celtic’s disappointment of that time but if Tommy was still here he would realise that he, the club and the supporters were cheated out of trophies in every way.

The financial mess which the Ibrox club find themselves in is far from over. However, it demonstrates to the public just how much that club cheated its way to every trophy by controversial ways.

As a young manager trying to turn around the fortunes of Celtic on the park, Tommy was readily pipped by his rivals across the city. When he pinned Andy Goram as the greatest cause of his frustrations, we were all nodding in acknowledgement.

I wish Tommy was here to see this day because despite only winning one trophy as Celtic manager, perhaps he could see just how much better he really was. It wasn’t just Goram it was Murray, Ogilvie and those other irresponsible puppets upstairs at Ibrox, hell bent on being superior in every way to Celtic.

As it turns out Tommy did better than the current records show. It wasn’t a level playing field, it was no win situation.

Whatever it took, by whatever means Celtic would never succeed. And as a result of Tommy’s frustration he would be shown the door.

Thankfully, Tommy came back to the club in later years because that was where he belonged. The marriage of the man with his beloved club though would sadly be cut short with his death.

I’m not a man of religious belief, not like Tommy. But I hope somehow Tommy can see just how much of a disadvantage he had.

Hail! Hail! Tommy Burns. You were better than them.


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