A Small Victory

So the cave dwellers emerged from court yesterday with a result in tow. That’s great, really happy for them.

Now the next phase begins: what do the SFA do in response? That remains to be seen however, FIFA are on their case now so the scrutiny is beyond Scotland.

If you’ve been following this case – of course you have – it’s either because you hate RFC*, love them (in which case you won’t be reading my blog), want justice or just like going to the circus. Now it’s beginning to turn in to Big Brother.

Davina wouldn’t cut it as presenter for this but I would definitely have Kirsty Gallacher. And for entertainment I would have Jim White doing the wee diddy bonus show that nobody ever watched (by the way if you did watch that show you’re an even bigger tube).

So what next inside the Big Bear house? Well, a new punishment will be dished out in the event that the old one is not upheld by the SFA and of course all eyes are upon them now to do the right thing.

Positions have already become untenable throughout Scottish football but the numbers could go up as this farce escalates into sporting obscenity and beyond. Meantime, Scottish football continues to self-harm itself and onlookers aren’t even mocking us anymore – they simply don’t care.

I even believe that the very astute reporting of Alex Thomson has run out of steam and/or interest. Not that I can blame him, his work has been invaluable.

The way this case is going though there will be more branches and timelines than the Kennedy conspiracy. That being the case I’ll be brown bread before anything is.resolved!

With revelations coming from left field at timely intervals and further deadlines being dropped, rescheduled or created, it is no wonder talk of a move away from Scotland came up again. This subject arose once more but the suggestion yesterday was that if RFC* don’t go, we will.

Before, it was more about Celtic being to big for Scottish football. That is true of course, given the gap in revenue and supporters we possess, but now there may be a sense of justice in any move we make with the SFA looking more incompetent than ever.

I’m a kind of sit-on-the-fence guy so I will stay there for now. I wouldn’t want to give my all to a Salmond-style election vote now would I?

Hail! Hail!


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