Football + Rangers = Scottish Football

We’ve been through it all. The figures, the facts the history the people involved and of course – the preferred bidders.

It seems after all of these talks, ‘press conferences’, deadlines, headlines, arguments and gesticulations it is summed up very easily. Because Scotland is a weak country.

As a nation we may be harnessed by our love of alcohol, mainly whisky but in actual fact we can’t hold our drink. The subject matter which currently plagues our national sport has left us inebriated to the point where we cannot make a decision or even show the balls to go over to the bar and chat up the girl and say the right thing.

Instead, the people involved in our ailing game are beginning to show weakness. Another postponement (why I don’t know) has contributed to the theory that the only outcome will involve people buckling.

A wee while back I said to some people in my close-knit Celtic community that Scottish football would need to collapse before it got better. However, for many the preferable outcome would be to stick to profiting and forego any undoing of finances.

Now I can understand this outlook because it keeps people in jobs and maintains structure. In reality it ignores the matters which are vital to fairness and equality.

We all know about debt in this day and how to get out of it. Perhaps that is all that is being done here, but actually, we all know the rules are being bent!

The only item of clarity in this entire case has been the incompetence of those who are in a position to punish. Taking action throughout this process has been second-class.

I have never felt confident that the right things were being done. There has been a lot of stalling, rescheduling and postponing.

I realise there are a lot of facts and history involved in this case. What I have seen to date though I have not felt confident with.

For weeks we have witnessed speculation and misinformation form the Scottish media. It has taken the involvement of outside sources to provide clarity to a subject which has come to be know as ‘taig paranoia’.

That alone only goes to serve the very nature of a breed that are themselves in denial about the truth. Overall, I would say that has become the irony of Scottish football.

Still, I live in hope that over the following weeks and months I will make a watershed decision. Whether I endorse my kinship with Scottish football or tear it up forever.

Hail! Hail! and good luck.



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