It was refreshing to escape from the scandal that engulfs Scottish football today and watch some ‘football’. There is always a price to pay when watching English football in an English pub though today it wasn’t so bad.

I didn’t have to endure 1966 references, though I would have struggled to hear it amongst the scouse-from-the-south accents. Instead it was a ‘game of two halves’ which didn’t actually take off until later in the second half, at least for Liverpool.

Up until then, there was only one team playing and ‘ King Kenny’s ‘ team were not getting a foothold in the match. Chelsea were playing almost unhindered and it was an obvious contrast between the two sides.

In any event, I have seen better and worse matches but it was nice to be in the atmosphere of something which didn’t actually concern me. Realistically, I am looking forward to the close season (once the hoops have lifted the SPL trophy of course) and shutting out the shenanigans for a while.

There are two matches remaining in the SPL and it will be important to have those wins for Neil Lennon. He will no doubt be utilising the rest of the squad to wind down the season but victories will be high priority nonetheless.

Once Neil has season 2011-2012 under his belt he can sit back, relax for a while before he takes on the next step of his managerial career. It is sure to be a helluva an interesting one.

Hail! Hail!


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