Don’t believe the hype…

Scottish football has some burning issues right now. In fact these issues have been around for a very long time.For some this is viewed as paranoia whilst others have seen the light. Or have they?Well, yesterdays news regarding our rivals fight for survival had some very mixed claims. The legitimacy of these views is currently under question.

I remain sceptical until this façade has finally (hopefully) been removed and I can view the results and apply judgement. Right now there remains (as always) a lot of smoke and mirrors.

Back in the mid-nineties when Celtic came close to their own crisis (nowhere near as bad as this one) it was easy to see what was going on. Amongst the rebellion there was clarity thanks to the honesty of the community of supporters leading the fight,.

There was no support from the press and with the internet a mere toddler, the network was in person or in handout/publication format. Perhaps there was less confusion because of this, but one thing is for sure: you could only trust your own kind.

As it is there still appears to be delusion amongst our rivals fan base and more succulent lamb in the media. So don’t believe the hype…wait for something to happen.

Whatever something may be.

Hail! Hail!


One thought on “Don’t believe the hype…

  1. Too true…
    I have been disgusted by the Rangers fiasco – not one person associated with Rangers has apologised for the mess they have created in Scottish football. Instead we treated to ‘threats’ of boycotts and certain clubs being targeted… Not one ounce of humility has been displayed just more of the ‘wearrapeeple’ mentality e.g. Scottish fitbaw needs ra rainjurz, hurt us an we’ll hurt you, how dare you punish us?!

    A classic line from these morons is ‘no one warned us about Craig Whyte!’ Eh, you demonstrated outside the BBC building after they had the audacity to air a programme about his dodgy dealings! These ‘people’ will continue to whitewash their history – it was the SFA’s fault, it was the SPL’s fault, it was Craig Whyte’s fault…

    Wrong. It was David Murray’s fault, their own and hell mend them.

    Scottish fitbaw WILL suffer from all of this.
    If a newco goes straight into the SPL then all sporting integrity will go in our game… Attendances will fall and less TV money will be issued.
    If a newco is placed in division 3 then sporting integrity will be saved but attendances will fall and less TV money will be issued. (To save Scottish Football this HAS to happen – we will be stronger for it, eventually)

    Either scenario will be Rangers fault. They have acted with impunity for over twenty years, they alone have created this but I doubt whether we’ll ever hear an apology.


    Q-G T


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