A Small Victory

So the cave dwellers emerged from court yesterday with a result in tow. That’s great, really happy for them.

Now the next phase begins: what do the SFA do in response? That remains to be seen however, FIFA are on their case now so the scrutiny is beyond Scotland.

If you’ve been following this case – of course you have – it’s either because you hate RFC*, love them (in which case you won’t be reading my blog), want justice or just like going to the circus. Now it’s beginning to turn in to Big Brother.

Davina wouldn’t cut it as presenter for this but I would definitely have Kirsty Gallacher. And for entertainment I would have Jim White doing the wee diddy bonus show that nobody ever watched (by the way if you did watch that show you’re an even bigger tube).

So what next inside the Big Bear house? Well, a new punishment will be dished out in the event that the old one is not upheld by the SFA and of course all eyes are upon them now to do the right thing.

Positions have already become untenable throughout Scottish football but the numbers could go up as this farce escalates into sporting obscenity and beyond. Meantime, Scottish football continues to self-harm itself and onlookers aren’t even mocking us anymore – they simply don’t care.

I even believe that the very astute reporting of Alex Thomson has run out of steam and/or interest. Not that I can blame him, his work has been invaluable.

The way this case is going though there will be more branches and timelines than the Kennedy conspiracy. That being the case I’ll be brown bread before anything is.resolved!

With revelations coming from left field at timely intervals and further deadlines being dropped, rescheduled or created, it is no wonder talk of a move away from Scotland came up again. This subject arose once more but the suggestion yesterday was that if RFC* don’t go, we will.

Before, it was more about Celtic being to big for Scottish football. That is true of course, given the gap in revenue and supporters we possess, but now there may be a sense of justice in any move we make with the SFA looking more incompetent than ever.

I’m a kind of sit-on-the-fence guy so I will stay there for now. I wouldn’t want to give my all to a Salmond-style election vote now would I?

Hail! Hail!


Bruised and battered, Lennon is here

Since I wrote last, Celtic have lifted the SPL trophy for the first time since season 2007- 2008, Gordon Strachan’s third and final SPL title. It had been a rather sombre end to his penultimate season as manager, following the passing and funeral of Tommy Burns who left his role earlier in the year.

During Tommy’s illness Strachan had a coaching void to fill and he turned to recently departed player, Neil Lennon. Strachan had handed the captaincy to Lennon when he became head coach in 2005, now he had brought him back in a coaching capacity.

I’m fairly certain Tommy would have approved of Lennon as his replacement had he not had more pressing concerns during that time. You can never be sure of how successful an appointment will be, but you make your call and you stick by it.

This season, and with memories of Tommy still very much in the minds and hearts of the supporters, Celtic reclaimed the SPL title under Neil Lennon. The path that has brought Lennon to this point has been both humbling and turbulent.

We’ve all had a go at his tactics and selections but on the whole we have backed him. I can’t think of a manager who I haven’t criticised.

When I look back at the dyed-blonde haired guy who strolled into Celtic Park in December 2000 for just under £6M, I wonder. Would I believe you if you were to tell me he was to become the biggest ever hate figure for our rivals?

No, not even if you were to tell me he and his family would be threatened to within an inch of their lives. If you showed me a time-line of the events he has gone through in his life I would say it was a work of fiction and you should get it published because it was too far-fetched to be real.

We support Celtic because of who we are, where we came from and are always open to all. Despite the best attempts of our suppressors in the media, Scottish football and opposition we continue to represent Celtic Football Club.

Atop all that Neil Lennon stands with the SPL trophy and has a smile. See you next season, Lenny, not so sure about Rangers right enough.

Hail! Hail!


Football + Rangers = Scottish Football

We’ve been through it all. The figures, the facts the history the people involved and of course – the preferred bidders.

It seems after all of these talks, ‘press conferences’, deadlines, headlines, arguments and gesticulations it is summed up very easily. Because Scotland is a weak country.

As a nation we may be harnessed by our love of alcohol, mainly whisky but in actual fact we can’t hold our drink. The subject matter which currently plagues our national sport has left us inebriated to the point where we cannot make a decision or even show the balls to go over to the bar and chat up the girl and say the right thing.

Instead, the people involved in our ailing game are beginning to show weakness. Another postponement (why I don’t know) has contributed to the theory that the only outcome will involve people buckling.

A wee while back I said to some people in my close-knit Celtic community that Scottish football would need to collapse before it got better. However, for many the preferable outcome would be to stick to profiting and forego any undoing of finances.

Now I can understand this outlook because it keeps people in jobs and maintains structure. In reality it ignores the matters which are vital to fairness and equality.

We all know about debt in this day and how to get out of it. Perhaps that is all that is being done here, but actually, we all know the rules are being bent!

The only item of clarity in this entire case has been the incompetence of those who are in a position to punish. Taking action throughout this process has been second-class.

I have never felt confident that the right things were being done. There has been a lot of stalling, rescheduling and postponing.

I realise there are a lot of facts and history involved in this case. What I have seen to date though I have not felt confident with.

For weeks we have witnessed speculation and misinformation form the Scottish media. It has taken the involvement of outside sources to provide clarity to a subject which has come to be know as ‘taig paranoia’.

That alone only goes to serve the very nature of a breed that are themselves in denial about the truth. Overall, I would say that has become the irony of Scottish football.

Still, I live in hope that over the following weeks and months I will make a watershed decision. Whether I endorse my kinship with Scottish football or tear it up forever.

Hail! Hail! and good luck.




It was refreshing to escape from the scandal that engulfs Scottish football today and watch some ‘football’. There is always a price to pay when watching English football in an English pub though today it wasn’t so bad.

I didn’t have to endure 1966 references, though I would have struggled to hear it amongst the scouse-from-the-south accents. Instead it was a ‘game of two halves’ which didn’t actually take off until later in the second half, at least for Liverpool.

Up until then, there was only one team playing and ‘ King Kenny’s ‘ team were not getting a foothold in the match. Chelsea were playing almost unhindered and it was an obvious contrast between the two sides.

In any event, I have seen better and worse matches but it was nice to be in the atmosphere of something which didn’t actually concern me. Realistically, I am looking forward to the close season (once the hoops have lifted the SPL trophy of course) and shutting out the shenanigans for a while.

There are two matches remaining in the SPL and it will be important to have those wins for Neil Lennon. He will no doubt be utilising the rest of the squad to wind down the season but victories will be high priority nonetheless.

Once Neil has season 2011-2012 under his belt he can sit back, relax for a while before he takes on the next step of his managerial career. It is sure to be a helluva an interesting one.

Hail! Hail!


Don’t believe the hype…

Scottish football has some burning issues right now. In fact these issues have been around for a very long time.For some this is viewed as paranoia whilst others have seen the light. Or have they?Well, yesterdays news regarding our rivals fight for survival had some very mixed claims. The legitimacy of these views is currently under question.

I remain sceptical until this façade has finally (hopefully) been removed and I can view the results and apply judgement. Right now there remains (as always) a lot of smoke and mirrors.

Back in the mid-nineties when Celtic came close to their own crisis (nowhere near as bad as this one) it was easy to see what was going on. Amongst the rebellion there was clarity thanks to the honesty of the community of supporters leading the fight,.

There was no support from the press and with the internet a mere toddler, the network was in person or in handout/publication format. Perhaps there was less confusion because of this, but one thing is for sure: you could only trust your own kind.

As it is there still appears to be delusion amongst our rivals fan base and more succulent lamb in the media. So don’t believe the hype…wait for something to happen.

Whatever something may be.

Hail! Hail!